Crosspool roads will not be gritted under new council proposals

Digging out a car, Crosspool, 1 December 2010
Watt Lane in the December 2010 snow

Several roads in Crosspool are included in a list of streets that will no longer be gritted if new proposals come into force in October.

The Sheffield City Council winter road maintenance proposals affect 100 miles of road in the city and have come about due to cuts in funding from central government.

Affected local streets include Hagg Hill, Coldwell Lane, Stephen Hill, Watt Lane and Back Lane. You can see these streets highlighted on the council’s interactive online map.

For the full list of roads, download this PDF (660KB) and see the roads at the bottom marked ‘remove all’.

Residents are being invited to give their views on the proposals. You have until Friday 25 July 2014 to comment.

Sheffield City Council gritting proposals – including interactive online map

Have your say on the proposals


2 Replies to “Crosspool roads will not be gritted under new council proposals”

  1. This is a crucial issue to get people involved in the consultation because it will cause gridlock for many of our residents. The council seem keen to blame funding cuts but a more likely explanation is that their funding overall is not being managed efficiently. I see this in many councils so they hit the soft targets, often counter productively. I have 4 main concerns which I would appreciate our new Labour councillor and the 2 other incumbents addressing:
    1. Hagg Hill is our main route to the north with busy rush hours and a steep gradient. Black ice would be invisible and it would cause chaos.
    2. Hangingwater Road is our main route to the south, and is even harder to bypass than Hagg Hill. The twists and turns on this road would add to the risk, especially when the road surface is smoother after the (welcome) resurfacing.
    3. The city centre is carnage now in bad weather and this will make it worse as people will have no option but to hit these main arteries, causing a huge lack of productivity.
    4. The grit bins on our road are essential to get off the road in bad weather. If these are removed, as seems likely, I will be stranded whenever there is snow, and I work nationwide.

  2. From Councillor Geoff Smith and Councilor Anne Murphy

    We understand why many local people are upset by the recent announcement by the Council about precautionary gritting. We wish to make our position clear.

    Sheffield City Council is now into its fourth year of unprecedented cuts by the coalition Government. So far we have been cut by £238 million and by next year we will have lost half of our government funding. There are millions of cuts still to come. Other more prosperous areas of the country have been cut by much less. The only area of Council spending which has not suffered any cuts is children’s safeguarding.

    The Council’s proposals will reduce the amount spent on gritting by £100,000. This still leaves a considerable investment in the Winter Maintenance Service. All priority 1 roads will be still be gritted. We currently grit 59% of the road network and once the consultation process has been completed and implemented, we will still grit 50% of the road network. What we have to do is reduce the number of priority 2 roads which are gritted. So reluctantly we have to support the cut and criteria to identify roads.

    However, we also realise that there are strong arguments for continuing to grit some of the roads identified. There is consultation. We will be listening to these arguments and we will be making a submission about local roads and discussing them with the relevant Council cabinet member, Jack Scott. In particular, we are aware of strong arguments for continuing to grit Hagg Hill and Stephen Hill.

    We urge all local people who have concerns to make submissions. The closing date is Friday 25 July. Details and links can be found above on the Crosspool Forum website.

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