Summer Fayre 2015
Crosspool Summer Fayre

Wanted: books, bric-a-brac or tombola prizes for 2021 Crosspool Summer Fayre

Do you have any unwanted books, prizes, gifts or bric-a-brac that might be suitable for the Crosspool Forum Summer Fayre tombola or one of our stalls?

If so, please get in touch with Gillian on g.m.drinkwater@btinternet.com or 0114 229 5670. We can collect if necessary, or they can be dropped off locally.

Crosspool Reopens

After government lockdown rules were relaxed on April 12th all non-essential retail shops, hair and nail salons, along with outdoor restaurants for table service, reopened in Crosspool.
The Sportsman and Crosspool Tavern are planning to reopen for outdoor table service on Thursday April 29th.

The pandemic lockdown has been difficult and damaging for local shops and businesses.
To help them return to as near to normal as quickly as possible, it’s important that we continue to take a cautious approach.  Social distancing and Face covering are still required for shops until Jun 21, the earliest point at which the country could return fully to normal living.

The full list of non-essential shops that have reopened since closing their doors on January 6th:

“Direct Travel” Tele: 0114 268 7500

“Layers Flooring” Tele: 0114 2669888

“Charisma” Tele: 0114 263 1003

“More Posh than Dosh” Tele: 0114 268 4556

“Inspiration Hair Salon” Tele: 0114 266 3996

“Enhance” Tele: 0114 266 5950

“Expert Barbers” Tele: 0114 266 1234

“Ronaldo” Tele: 0114 266 2133

Peppermint Tele: 0114 327 0410

Open for Takeaway and or outdoor table service:-

“Nest Café” Tele: 07977 737232

“Varanasi Inn” Tele: 0114 266 1017

“Papa Ciccios” Tele: 0114 268 4440

“Hudson’s Kitchen” Tele: 0114 449 5341
Opens next week, after refurbishment, for takeaways,  outdoor & garden table service.  

Cuore Siciliano treats

“Cuore Siciliano” Tele: 0114 266 9811  
At the moment Cuore Siciliano are open Monday to Wednesday from 9am to 2:30pm and Thursday to Saturday from 4pm to 8pm.
In the morning they offer panini with our Sicilian sausage or panino caprese or homemade burgers and sandwiches vegetarian and gluten free as well.  They do homemade stuffed Focaccia Bread and pizza, homemade cake and Sicilian sweets as cannoli filled with ricotta cheese or cassata siciliana and other delicious treats stuffed with nutella. They will probably add more sweets, and of course they do coffee.
They also sell typical homemade Sicilian products; sausage, salame and pancetta.

Open from April 29th

“Sportsman (ember inn) Crosspool – Ember Inns: Tele: 0114 268 8011

“Crosspool Tavern, Stonehouse”   Tele: 0114 266 2113

Churches will fully open as and when Government Guidelines Permit

“St Columba’s” Tele: 0114 267 0006 (Services at Stephen Hill)

“Stephen Hill Methodist Church” Tele: 0114 230 5676
Services resume at Stephen Hill on Sunday, 18th April at 10.30am.
However, because of Covid -19 restrictions, and social distancing regulations in Church numbers are limited, so it’s very important that they know how many folk wish to attend the service. email: brenda.nelson@stcolumbacrosspool.org.uk
Services will still be accessible via Zoom

“Tapton Hill Congregational Church” Tele: 0114 230 8191
Services are conducted in line with Government guidance on Wednesday evenings and every 2nd & 4th Sunday in the month: taptonchurch.com

“Church of St Francis of Assisi”   Tele: 0114 263 0383
Victual parish gatherings:  stfrancisrc-sheffield.org.uk


A Year in Crosspool

‘A Year in Crosspool’, is the theme for this year’s Photography Competition.

We anticipate people will want to submit images that have meaning to them in relation to the last year. Perhaps it will reflect some of the hardships and challenges, or some of the more uplifting aspects of human nature and life in Crosspool. It could even be something to illustrate how you, or someone you know, has developed personally, perhaps learning a new skill or activity.

You can submit any image you like (within the bounds of decency!) but remember, the photo should make an impact and tell a story.

How to enter

Categories are open to anyone living/working/studying in the area and are as follows:

  • Primary (5-11 yrs)
  • Secondary (12-18 yrs)
  • Adult (19 yrs+)
    Closing date for entries is Tuesday 1 June

Email your photo as a jpg to: crosspoolfestivalphotos@gmail.com

  • Please state:
  • Your name
  • Age category
  • Your contact email and phone number
  • A caption for your photo so the judges clearly understand by your description what is happening in the photo.

There will be prizes for all the category winners and their photo framed. All entries will be considered for featuring in the Crosspool Calendar.

The public select the winning photographs.

The shortlisted best three in each category will be put on the Crosspool Forum website http://www.crosspool.info and voting for the winners will start from Friday 11 June and close on Tuesday 29 June The winners will be announced on Wednesday 30 June 2021.

2021 Local Elections

The election on Thursday May 6th 2021 was originally meant to have taken place in May 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic.

People in the Crookes & Crosspool ward will now have the opportunity to vote:- for a Local Councillor; on a Local Government Act Referendum and for a Police and Crime Commissioner.

Election of a Councillor to the Sheffield City Council – Crookes & Crosspool Ward,

Local Government Act Referendum

Election of the Police and Crime Commissioner for the south Yorkshire Police Area (listed alphabetically):

Polling Stations

Polling District       HD
Crookes & Crosspool Ward
Stephen Hill Church
Benty Lane
Sheffield S10 5NF

Polling District       HJ & HK
Crookes & Crosspool Ward
The Sportsman,
57 Benty Lane,
Sheffield, S10 5NF  

Keir Starmer visits Crosspool

Ruth Milsom & Keir Starmer

Labour Leader Keir Starmer visited Sheffield to check-out the exciting developments in the city centre and to see the vaccination program being run out of St Columba’s Church in Crosspool.

Local activist and Labour Candidate for Crookes and Crosspool Ruth Milsom, welcomed Keir to St Columba’s and commented afterwards:

“It was great to have Keir visit our area and see for himself the great work of volunteers at St Columba’s in helping deliver vaccinations.

“We discussed the fantastic work that my colleague, Councillor Anne Murphy, did when the pandemic started in establishing Community Hubs at St Columba’s and at a church in Crookes. The hubs and other organisations like the Mutual Aid groups that I helped organise a year ago have been absolutely vital in providing on-the-ground practical help and signposting for local residents.

“Keir was clearly impressed by the incredibly cheerful and efficient NHS and volunteer vaccination team we have in Crosspool – this is our local community at its best.”

Over the course of the pandemic Sheffield Councillors have worked with the Voluntary, Community and Faith Groups, to ensure people get the right help for food deliveries, medicine, or mental and emotional wellbeing.

More than 20,000 calls made to dedicated council helpline service resulting in:

✓ Over 2,000 shopping deliveries ✓ Over 1,000 medicine deliveries ✓ Over 5,000 ‘Safe and Well’ visits

And when the government have failed to act, Labour councillors have ensured that the Council has stepped in: – providing 6,000 laptops to children to access home schooling, and provided freeschool meal vouchers to over 22,000 children over school holidays (including this Easter), and we have provided additional support from council funds to residents struggling to pay for heating, utilities, or food, via unique Sheffield hardship schemes.

Keir Starmer spoke in Sheffield about this work and stated:

“Here with the council being in Labour hands you have seen a council that has stood by people during the pandemic – communities, delivering food, businesses that needed support, so you have seen the difference it made at the time when people most needed it”

Hallam Cricket Club

Hallam Cricket Ground

Will a tree protection order stop historic Hallam cricket club’s plans?

If a Sheffield Council preservation order to protect a group of mature trees on the Hallam Cricket Club ground on Sandygate Road is approved next week, could it affect the clubs plans to install a 15 metre high ball-stop net at the ground?

Full Story in the Sheffield Star

Crosspool Quilt goes on Display

Crosspool Quilt goes on display at Cocker and Carr from 11am Saturday April 3rd.

Crosspool Community Quilt

Earlier last year local resident and mother of three wonderful children, Physiotherapist Amy Chambers decided that Crosspool (a suburb to the west of Sheffield) should have something for future generations to lookback on, and remember how the community had coped with the current Covid19 pandemic.  

Amy having a  vision of a  beautiful piece of history being made, encouraged everyone, throughout the recent lockdowns, to use their creative skills to stitch, draw, embroider, paint or print stamp on a square of cotton or lightweight material, to show how they were feeling during these extraordinary times.

Amazed by everyone’s creativity, Amy started the mammoth task of sewing together the hundreds of tiny squares to complete this piece of memorable history.

After several months of hard work Amy has now completed this amazing record of these extraordinary times.

Amy said. “I very much appreciate Cocker & Carr Estate Agents Sandygate Road agreeing to display the Community quilt for Crosspool and for the support from the Crosspool Forum”. “It has been a labour of love and I’m sure I’ll be up into the small hours adding the finishing touches to this unique piece of memorabilia before it finally goes on show tomorrow at 11am.
“Thanks to each and every one of you who has taken part. It’s got bigger than I ever could have planned and I really hope it gave you something to focus on during lockdown and we can all look forwarded for brighter days to come!

Climate Change and Priorities for Action

Public perceptions of the health risks of climate change and priorities for action

Can you help?

The department of Health Science at the university of York are looking for people aged 15 years and over and living in England to help with a study looking at people’s thoughts on climate change. There will be two rounds of individual interviews.

What’s involved?

If you take part in this study, they would ask you to participate in up to two interviews. The first interview being between January and April 2021, and a second interview in June-July 2021. They plan to run the interviews online via Zoom or Skype, or by telephone. You can tell them which method you would prefer.

The interviews will last for up to 60 minutes each and they will give you a £10 gift voucher to thank you taking part each time.

They will ask you some questions – there are no right or wrong answers – They  just want to find out what you think about climate change.

They will record the interviews but all information that you say will be anonymised.

Who is running the study?

The study is led by Professor Hilary Graham at the University of York. The research team also has members from Newcastle University Business School and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The researcher who will run the interviews is Jackie Martin-Kerry who also works at the University of York.

Do you need more information?

If you think this study sounds interesting and you would like to take part, please contact Jackie Martin-Kerry on 07385 341 580 or by email: Jackie.Martin-Kerry@york.ac.uk

This study has been approved by the Department of Health Sciences Research Governance Committee at the University of York.