Crosspool Festival 2014

Download Crosspool Festival 2014 programme

Download Crosspool Festival 2014 programme (PDF, 711KB)

The fifth Crosspool Festival ran from Friday 27 June to Sunday 6 July 2014.

£500 was raised for PACT (Parents’ Association of Children with Tumours and Leukaemia) and £500 was raised for community facility CDYST – more information.

Thanks to everyone for such a great event and we look forward to next year’s festival!

View all events in Crosspool Festival 2014 programme (PDF, 711KB)

Events at The Sportsman pub (confirmed after the programme went to press)

More details on the Summer Fayre


Why not get involved with Crosspool’s major annual community event? If you have ideas for future festivals or can spare any time to help, please contact the Festival Chair Frances Eccleston on or 0114 267 0006.



4 Responses to Crosspool Festival 2014

  1. phil smith says:

    can you give the exact date of the streetmarket .is it sunday29th june or sunday 6th july?

  2. Crosspool News says:

    Hi Phil, the Street Market will be on Sunday 29 June 2014.

  3. Hi, is somebody please able to give me some information on Crosspool Festival 2014?
    I am a student from Sheffield Hallam University and would like to write a preview on what will be held at the festival etc.



  4. robin says:

    Alex, if you contact Festival Chair Frances Eccleston (details above), she may be able to help.

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