May Local Elections 2022

Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool
Crosspool polling station

Polling Stations are open from 7 am to 10 pm this Thursday, May 5th, 2022.

You don’t need your poll card to vote.
You must vote at your assigned polling station.
If you are registered to vote but don’t have your poll card, you can go to the polling station and give them your name and address.
You don’t need any form of ID to vote in the Crookes & Crosspool ward
Where Do I Vote?

Local Elections 2022

Polling day is Thursday, May 5th.

If you are aged 16 or over and have not already registered, the deadline for registering to vote in the 5th May 2022 elections is 11:59pm, Thursday 14th April:

This is a full list of candidates, who are running in the Crookes and Crosspool ward,

Local Sheffield elections 2022

  • Isabelle France, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
  • Nathan Howard, Northern Independence Party – Nationalise Energy Companies
  • Josiah Luck, Green Party
  • Mohammed Mahroof, Liberal Democrats
  • Minesh Parekh, Labour and Co-operative

Alongside the council elections, there is a South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority election to replace the current Mayor, Dan Jarvis.

This is a full list of candidates who are running in the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority election

  • David Bettney,  Social Democratic Party
  • Simon Biltcliffe,  Yorkshire Party
  • Oliver Coppard,  Labour
  • Joe Otten,  Liberal Democrats
  • Clive Watkinson, Conservative
  • Bex Whyman, Green Party

St Columba’s Church Update

St. Columba’s Church hosted a mop-up Covid vaccination clinic for the Children’s Hospital on Monday 14th February and another for the Primary Care Network on the morning of Wednesday 16th

St Columba’s Church, Crosspool,

NHS England are funding necessary renovations to the wood block flooring in both the worship area and the hall, which have been severely affected during the year’s vaccination programme, partly due to the substantial footfall (over 50,000 vaccinations have been given on site), but mainly due to the requirement to sanitise all the wood flooring using chlorine solution after every day’s clinic (just short of 100 days).  In terms of cost, it is worth pointing out that the renovation cost added to the total charges made by the church to the NHS for a year’s exclusive use of the site, still come to less than the Arena were charging for one month’s hire for the vaccination programme (this is not to knock the Arena which works on a commercial and larger scale than they do, but to put things in context).

However, the worship area is also in need of re-decoration, which the Church has budgeted for, and this must be done prior to the floor repairs as it entails the use of tower scaffolding on the floor.

Work starts on 22nd February, and they expect all to be finished by the end of March.  All groups who use the church have been kept informed, and most are anxious to return after Easter, whilst the leadership team will discuss how they harmonise Sunday services and church activities when they again have two fully operational church sites.

St Columba’s Church Service

Having developed such good relations with both the community and the medical team in 2021, they will continue to offer occasional use for clinics in the future, and are able to do so as the requirements for sanitising, particularly of the flooring, have been relaxed, so further damage can be avoided.  They also intend to have a service of thanksgiving where they invite community volunteers and medical staff to join them and are looking at other ways to build on links made during the last two years.

Steve Ellis (St. Columba) said, “it has been a privilege to work with all in the community and the medical teams whose commitment and dedication has been inspiring.  The church community as a whole need especial thanks, not just those directly involved in the practicalities of supporting both the vaccines and the Community Volunteer Hub, for their positive support, encouragement and prayer during the pandemic”.

Crosspool 20mph Speed Limit

Speed Limit

Sheffield City Council proposes to make an Order under the provisions of Section 84 and Schedule 9 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, to introduce a 20mph speed limit on the whole or on parts of every road in Crosspool and the surrounding area. Exceptions are Lydgate Lane, Manchester Road and Sandygate Road from the junction of Ringstead Crescent near to the shopping precinct.

The proposed 20mph speed limit is required to control vehicle speeds in the residential streets of the Crosspool area where we live, work, play & shop.

A copy of the proposed plans showing the roads affected and a statement of the Council’s reasons for proposing to make the Order may be inspected in “Proposed Traffic Orders” on the Council website at

Any observations, either supporting or objecting to the proposed Order, including the grounds for your objection, should be sent in writing to the undersigned by the 3rd day of March 2022.

Tom Finnegan-Smith, Head of Strategic Transport, Sustainability and Infrastructure City Growth Department,
Howden House, 1 Union Street, SHEFFIELD, S1 2SH
Email: traffic.regs@shef

Open Meeting

Crosspool Forum Open Meeting this Thursday 27th January 7pm at St Columba’s Church Hall, Manchester Road. 

Local councillors and the police will be on hand to listen to your concerns on local issues.
Guest Speakers:- St Columba’s Church and King Edwards School.

The government has announced that the measures put in place under plan B in England will be lifted on Thursday 27th January.
To protect ourselves and others in crowded and indoor spaces, where we may come into contact with people we do not normally meet, it is suggested that we continue to sanitize and wear a face mask.

Planning Permission for Phone Mast Refused

CDYST Sports Field

A proposal for the erection of a 20m high phone mast and associated ancillary works on the Crosspool District Youth Sports Trust Sports Field, Coldwell Lane, Sheffield, S10 5TJ has been refused.
Yesterday, 17th January the Local Planning Authority REFUSED the Approval for the above-mentioned development.
The Local Planning Authority considered that owing to the siting, height, detailing, and bulk of the proposed mast and associated equipment, the development represented an overly prominent and obtrusive feature which would be out of scale and character with the open space area in which it was to be sited. Consequently, the proposal would have been harmful to the visual amenities of the locality and contrary to Unitary Development Plan Policies, the Core Strategy Policy, and National Planning Policy Framework.

Despite the Local Planning Authority wishing to work with the applicant in a positive and proactive manner, the application was considered contrary to policy requirements, and, there being no perceived amendments that would address these shortcomings without compromising the fundamental intention of the scheme the Local Planning Authority had no alternative but to refuse consent.

Take Care

It was always anticipated that the spread of the Covid virus would intensify in the colder winter weather.

In response to the rising infection rates, following the arrival of the Omicron Variant in the UK, you now must wear a face-covering in most indoor public places, at large venues and events, and on public transport.

In the week up to November 26th, there were twenty- eight new cases in Sandygate and Crosspool; an infection rate of 444.2 per 100,000 people.


Please take care when visiting friends, relatives, and the vulnerable.

We must do what we can to protect everyone & our NHS:-
Face – Space – Vaccinate

Clough Fields

Clough Fields, a long-established public right of way, is under threat.

Clough Fields Riding Stables

The new owners of the Clough Fields riding stables are trying to stop people from using a 20-30metre farmyard stretch of the roadway that runs from Back Lane to the footpaths that continue on through the fields to St Anthony’s Road, Mulehouse Park, and into Crookes.
The new owners are not contesting either the roadway or paths leading up to the stable yard, just the 20 to 30metre stretch of roadway that goes through the farmyard.

For many years Clough Fields Farm, Sheffield S10 5PY, was a collection of dwellings on the established road that ran from Back Lane into the yard. (map location 53.384737 -1.521654)

The law is, that the general public have a right of access on private land if the land was used as a public right of way in the past and/or the land was accessed by the public for at least 20 years and nobody has asked for access to be stopped over this period.

If you use this route and wish to comment on its closure, you can download the “rights of way evidence form” from the council site by clicking on this link – (In order to be admissible, they have to be hand-written).

Submit your completed formal application, “Rights of Way Evidence Form” to the Sheffield City Council or send it to Cllr. Ruth Milsom, Sheffield City Council, Town Hall, Sheffield S1 2HH, by early December.


CDYST Phone-Mast

CDYST facilities in Crosspool
CDYST facilities in Crosspool – image from

A new phone mast is proposed to be erected on CDYST land , Coldwell Lane.

Chair of the Crosspool District Youth Sports Trust has informed the Crosspool Forum that the CDYST is being compelled to accommodate a new (20 m high) Phone-Mast on their land. 

Under the new legislation, it has no say in the matter. However, planning permission will have to be given by Sheffield City Council, so people can comment on the idea in the usual way when it goes before the Planning Committee. This is scheduled to happen within the next few days.

 As soon as we have the link the Forum will bring it to the attention of the Crosspool community.


In response to a request for information on how we can all help support and make life in the UK safe and welcoming for the people from Afghanistan and around the world, here is a list of some organisations who are working with ASSIST and SCC for the City of Sanctuary appeal.

Afghan Crisis