Crosspool Summer Fayre, Saturday 1 July 2017

Summer Fayre – Facebook event

2017 summer fayre

Purse found at Summer Fayre

A young person’s purse was handed in at last Saturday’s busy Summer Fayre on Coldwell Lane.

If you have lost your purse and think it may be yours then please call 0114 266 3473, or contact the Crosspool Forum via giving a brief description and we’ll try to return it to its owner.

Also – if anyone has found a child’s pink rain mac that was lost at the Crosspool Summer Fayre on Saturday, please let us know.

Trustee vacancy at CDYST Coldwell Lane

CDYST facilities in Crosspool
CDYST facilities in Crosspool – image from

Are you interested in an active Crosspool? Do you have a couple of evening hours a month to spare?

Crosspool and District Youth Sports Trust (CDYST) on Coldwell Lane is seeking a sixth trustee to join us to in managing and developing our resources for the future.

They hold local, informal monthly meetings and would love to get some fresh ideas and skills on the team.

If you’re interested, email

Meanwhile, on Sunday 13 September, a door key was found in the car park at the CDYST sports hall on Coldwell Lane. Please email if you think it is yours.

Last chance to claim CDYST lost property

CDYST facilities in Crosspool
Do you have lost property to claim from CDYST
The CDYST trustees have asked if anyone wants to claim these items of lost property before they’re donated to charity:

  • Stanno sports bag (black with green trim)
  • Pair Hypervenom football boots – small
  • Pair Sondico goalkeeping gloves
  • Black water bottle
  • other items of clothing

If you think one of the items is yours then please contact Gillian Drinkwater on

Rubbish causes Crosspool armed response call out

CDYST facilities in Crosspool
CDYST facilities in Crosspool – image from

An armed response unit was called out to Crosspool and District Youth Sports Trust (CDYST) on Coldwell Lane today.

CDYST trustees explain:

Much to the annoyance of its trustees and most people using the CDYST playing field on Coldwell Lane, the anti-social behaviour of a few has led to it being treated as a rubbish tip.

Car wheels, broken sledges, parts of bikes, dozens of empty bottles & drinks cans, used barbecues and takeaway cartons and, in particular and most disgusting, bagged and unbagged dog waste have all been dumped there recently.

This reached a peak today when the CDYST cleaner found a suspicious item under the bushes by the car park while litter-picking.

Since it appeared to be some sort of grenade with its pin missing, he contacted the police and, sensibly, kept those using the sports hall and local households away from the object and indoors out of any danger.

On arrival the police decided that they needed to call in the local armed response unit. They then inspected the device, decided that it was a spent smoke grenade, and removed it for safe disposal.

The whole incident was highly disruptive, and will be a further drain on our council tax.

The trustees again appeal to everyone using CDYST premises to please take their rubbish home.