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Having a voice, making a difference and promoting active living in Crosspool

The aim of the Crosspool Forum is to recognise the identity of Crosspool and to improve the quality of life of residents through appropriate contacts, consultation and action. We will do this by:

  • consulting and communicating with Crosspool residents on issues that affect our lives, representing our views through consensus with appropriate bodies
  • involving local people in improving the area
  • improving and promoting the well-being of the residents of the area and working together as residents regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, belief or political affiliation recognising the value of our many differences
  • raising funds and receiving contributions to finance the work of the Forum
  • publicising and promoting the work of the Forum
  • opening bank accounts and taking out insurance
  • organising meetings, training courses and events
  • working with similar groups and exchanging information and advice with them
  • taking lawful action, which would help fulfil the aims of the Forum
  • setting up an appropriate group to facilitate the work of the Forum
  • employing, when necessary, people to fulfil the aim of the forum


Membership of the Crosspool Forum is open to anyone who identifies with Crosspool, is interested in helping the Forum to achieve its aim and is willing to abide by the rules of the Forum.
Every member over the age of 16 shall have one vote at meetings of the Forum.
The Management Committee shall have the power to refuse membership, where it is considered such membership would be detrimental to the aims, purposes or activities of the Forum.

Resignation and Termination of Membership

Any member of the Forum may resign his/her membership and any representative of a member organisation or section may resign such position, by giving to the Secretary of the Forum written notice to that effect.
The Management Committee may, by resolution passed at a meeting thereof, terminate or suspend the membership of any member, if in its opinion they are unfit to continue as a member.
The Management Committee shall carry forward the decisions of the Forum.

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