Proposed convenience store for Crosspool‏

A planning application has been submitted for the retail premises on Lydgate Lane, presently occupied by Motor World, to extend the building to three times its present size.

Planning application 10/02657/FUL indicates permission is being sought to change its use to a convenience store/market, possibly by one of the big supermarket chains. Work has already begun, with the removal of a number of trees from the site.

The application raises many questions, including how this might affect the viability of the present shops in the precinct, and crucially, what added pressure will this impact on road safety, at what is an already very busy Y-junction with Manchester Road.

Residents are being invited to comment on the application before 17 September 2010 on the Sheffield City Council Planning Applications website.

View Planning application 10/02657/FUL

Associated downloadable documents (including Supporting submission document, plan drawings and Neighbour notification details)

Motor World, Lydgate Lane, Crosspool
The retail premises would be extended to three times its present size
 Manchester Road/Lydgate Lane/Sandygate Road junction in Crosspool
The already busy Manchester Road/Lydgate Lane/Sandygate Road junction

10 Replies to “Proposed convenience store for Crosspool‏”

  1. STOP IT

    We already have plenty of convenience shops at Crosspool,why do we need another big supermarket chain taking our well stocked local area over. LEAVE IT BE. I’ts an accident waiting to happen, especially on a very busy junction.

  2. I would say especially for our elderly, a new convenience store would be good. Not all elderly residents have cars. We have the Spa in Crosspool. The elderley used to be able to go by bus to Somerfields in Broomhill. What do they get to replace it. Another Spa. Great no choice at all . Competition is always good for an area. Crosspool once resisted a fish and chip shop can you believe. Look at all the queues now>>>>>>We need choice.

    1. I also think it was a shame that the Spar took over the old Somerfield in Broomhill, but I know from watching this type of change that a larger convenience store is simply likely to undercut our existing local shops initially to the point where they can not continue in business and therefore close. Then the convenience store has complete control over it’s pricing and we have even less choice. I also like supporting independent shops on principal.

      I am going to raise my concerns with the council. I think we have a lovely village feel to Crosspool and it would be terribly sad to see that go.

  3. A large corporate taking over here would undercut the local businesses until they close and then what choice and competition will there be? If the spar shuts then we lose our post office too and the whole character of the area will be altered and we will lose that ‘village’ feel that is so important to many people.
    When I had tiny children the shops here were a lifeline to me (as I don’t drive) from the point of view of ease as well as a social point of view.
    There are also massive implications on traffic and safety at that junction. It is a through route for pedestians walking to the schools. It can already be dangerous enough now with the traffic pulling up to motorworld but with ten times the traffic there…

  4. We just spotted this website by chance and I have put an objection in today on the grounds of increased traffic and safety of pedestrians. Normally, I wouldn’t have an objection to competition, local shops need to maximise their quality and customer focus in order to keep custom. We’d never buy fruit and veg from a convenience store anyway. I would welcome some competition in the Centre, particularly regarding alcohol sales where the Spar are able to call the shots at present and have very high prices. However, I do feel that this store would be in the wrong place on the other side of a main trunk road with little parking on that side other than next to the school.

  5. I shall firstly mention that I currently work in Motor World and my reasoning for objection is not simply biased towards myself not wanting to lose my job as I agree with not just problems caused for my business but also for the other local shops, the spar, GT News, Green Grocers, Pharmacy, among other shops as well as residents safety, particularly the school children, work has recently been completed on making the road narrower and more crossing to make it safer to cross, however, putting a larger store in would increase traffic no end. Deliveries to the new store would cause traffic problems, with large atriculated wagons blocking the junction. As a worker in Motor World I see enough cars struggling to leave the car park area, and that’s when there’s perhaps, 1 or 2 cars, imagine how many more a convenience store would have.

    I as well as I’m sure most residents of Crosspool and surrounding areas, are against this proposed store.

  6. This is a great idea. Not only will we get more local jobs, we will get more people coming to the area and more money put into the local economy.

    The spar is outrageously expensive, most people avoid going there completely as they don’t want to be ripped off.
    A new Tesco will encourage more people to go shopping in the area, increase competition and boost sales in the local shops too.

    Traffic is a none issue, it is already busy around that area, just I doubt another shop will drastically increase the traffic.

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