Planning application for The Plough refused

The Plough, Sandygate Road
The Plough, Sandygate Road

The convenience store planning application from Sainsbury’s was refused permission at the Sheffield City Council planning committee meeting this afternoon.

The decision was unanimous and the reason given is:

In the opinion of the Local Planning Authority, the proposal to change the use of the public house (Use Class A4) to retail (Use Class A1) would involve the loss of a building that is considered to be a valued community asset, which before its recent closure supported community groups and activities catering for the social wellbeing and interests of a wide section of the local community, being designated an Asset of Community Value.

The public house is considered to be well regarded by the local community and there are no alternative premises within a reasonable travelling distance for many of the individuals who use the premises.

The Local Planning Authority is of the opinion that insufficient evidence has been provided by the applicant to demonstrate that the use of the building as a public house is unviable and incapable of continuing to be used as such for the foreseeable future.

To grant planning permission in this instance would therefore be contrary to Paragraph 70 of National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which seeks to guard against the unnecessary loss of valued facilities and services.

Around 50 members of the public were present at the meeting. Opinions were given both for and against granting planning permission.

Council planning officers had previously recommended that The Plough should be retained as a public house and community asset.

Read the planning application officer’s report (PDF, 1119KB)

What happens next?

The Save the Plough and the Sporting Heritage of Sandygate campaign group have explained what could happen next:

  1. Sainsbury’s may appeal the decision – although we hope that as a responsible company they will respect the wishes of the local community and the decision made by the local authority

  2. Enterprise Inns may leave the building empty and boarded up – however, we have already discussed with councillors the option of a compulsory purchase if the building is left in a state of disrepair

  3. Enterprise could reopen the pub as a ‘managed house’ – although we doubt they would want to spend in excess of £100,000 to bring the buildng back into use

  4. Enterprise could put the pub on the market – this would trigger a six month period during which the option of a community buy-out could be considered. Alternatively, another brewery or pub operator could come foward and buy the pub to run it is a going concern. We are aware that a number of local breweries/pub companies have expressed an interest in taking on the Plough.


Application approved: Crosspool petrol station to be replaced with convenience store

Crosspool petrol station
Crosspool petrol station: to be demolished and replaced with a retail development?

An application to demolish Crosspool’s Jet petrol station and replace it with a retail development was approved conditionally at a council planning committee meeting on Tuesday.

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of the plans following a recommendation for conditional approval by planning officers.

Planning committee meeting agenda

Planning report (PDF, 2MB) –  see page 208 of the PDF document, which is labelled page 228

Planning application 14/01275/FUL

3 March decision for Crosspool petrol station convenience store proposal

Crosspool petrol station
Crosspool petrol station: to be demolished and replaced with a retail development?

An application to demolish Crosspool’s Jet petrol station and replace it with a retail development has been recommended for conditional approval by planning officers.

A decision will be made at the council planning committee meeting on Tuesday 3 March.

You can read the report (PDF, 2MB) on the council website. The relevant section is on page 208 of the PDF document, which is labelled page 228..

The report states: “The principle of the development is acceptable because small retail stores are acceptable in housing areas and the applicant has demonstrated that there would be no harm to the existing neighbourhood centre and that there are no better alternative sites.”

The committee is a public meeting so you can attend and make representations to the committee if you so wish. The meeting starts at 2pm and if you do want to speak you should arrive before 2pm and let the committee clerk know of your intention.

Planning committee meeting agenda

Planning report (PDF, 2MB)

Planning application 14/01275/FUL

Convenience store development proposed for Crosspool Jet petrol station site

Crosspool petrol station
Crosspool petrol station: to be demolished and replaced with a retail development?

Crosspool’s Jet petrol station would be demolished and replaced with a retail development if a new planning application for the site is approved.

Application 14/01275/FUL would see the building of a double-storey A1-class retail unit with parking for ten cars. It would extend to 354 square meters gross internal area.

No occupier for the unit has been announced, but the application states that discussions with several parties are ongoing and that “it is anticipated that it will attract a general convenience store operator selling everyday items such as groceries, alcoholic and soft drinks, tobacco, and newspapers.”

Full details of the scheme are on the council website, including site plans and a detailed planning statement (PDF, 657KB).

You have until Monday 19 May  now extended to the 2nd June    to comment on the proposals.

This planning application follows the news last week that just up the road plans have been submitted for an extension to the former Crosspool Coffee Shop house.

Residents’ concern over future of Moor View Farm on Manchester Road

Moor View Farm (picture and location on Google Maps) on Manchester Road has been put up for sale.

The property and surrounding land, known locally to some as Gosney’s farm, is being marketed by Eaton Commercial Property Consultants. The sellers are seeking offers in excess of £600,000.

At Thursday night’s Open Meeting, concerns were raised by some residents over whether the farm would be demolished. A downloadable document on the Eaton website gives details of how an indicative residential layout scheme might look.

Crookes Councillor Geoff Smith confirmed at the meeting that to his knowledge, no application to demolish it or for planning permission has been received by the council. Some neighbouring residents indicated that they had received letters saying that demolition of the farm was due to take place before the end of the month.

Councillor Smith is investigating further and we’ll post any updates regarding the farm to this website.

Property listing on Eaton Commercial (scroll down)

Plans document for Moor View Farm (PDF, 3.1MB)

Location of Moor View Farm (Google Maps)

Update, Friday 27 April 2012 from Councillor Smith:

I have been in contact with the Council Planning Department today. Unfortunately both the people I had dealt with before were on leave. However, I managed to talk to someone who studied the file and got back to me. The agent has applied recently to the Building Regulations office of the Council for permission to demolish the farm. This included notice of their intention to do so on 30 April 2012. What the neighbours have received is a letter from the agent informing them that the demolition will take place on 30 April. The Building Regulations office has NOT given them permission to demolish and has sent a letter today to the agent informing them that the demolition cannot go ahead without a bat survey and a planning application to demolish. The agent will also be telephoned today to inform him. I aim to be at the site on Monday morning.

Update, Thursday 3 May 2012 from Councillor Smith:

Those of you who were up and about on Manchester Road around 8am on Monday may have seen three men loitering near the farm. They were Ian and Steve from the Crosspool Forum and me. We were there just in case there was a demolition attempt. Fortunately we did not have to draw straws to decide which of us was going to dive in front of a bulldozer. There was no attempted demolition.

I have been assured by the relevant Council officers that both the owners and the agent are fully aware that a prior application to the Planning Dept. and a bat survey have to be carried out before demolition can take place. There is still some doubt as to the grounds on which the Planning Dept can insist that a full planning type application is made. But for the moment a prior application has not been made and a bat survey has not been completed.

I will keep you informed. If, though, you see any activity around the farm that looks like demolition of preparations to demolish please let me know. I can be contacted on 07581 214 783.

Minutes from Open Meeting regarding proposed convenience store

Special Open Meeting re Planning Application 10/02657/FUL – Motor World shop site, 340 Lydgate Lane
St Columba’s Church Hall; Friday 3 September 2010

Minutes also available as a Word document (34KB)

PRESENT: Ian Hague, Gillian D, Steve R; Joan C.; Sandra C; Roger K, Faye B (Crosspool Forum committee); Cllr Brian Holmes and 58 local residents and shopkeepers.

Ian welcomed everyone, & opened the Meeting by explaining that Turner Investments (who used to own GT News) have submitted an application (ref. as above) to Sheffield City Council Planning Dept.

They wish to enlarge the present shop (Motor World) to the side and rear, and change the use of flat above, making the site better financially, with the probability of offering it to interested parties for use as a convenience store.

The wording on their applicant states the development would be “small scale”, attracting only “local customers”, that at present there are “adequate parking facilities” for the development, and there would be no significant increase in customer footfall.

Deliveries would arrive at the front – where the parking is – & they believe this would not adversely affect the other shops in the Crosspool precinct. Ian has had numerous letters, emails & phone calls from concerned residents, so called this meeting. Will this development jeopardize the viability and vitality of the precinct and cause traffic congestion?

No-one from Turners was present at this meeting, so speculation as to it becoming a Tesco or Sainsbury’s was irrelevant.

Various members of the public spoke from the floor with concerns as follows:

  1. Crosspool already has two ‘dead’ shops; any new ones need to complement the existing & not detract.
  2. Parking outside the shop can not be adequate – the surrounding streets already have parking problems (especially Lydgate Hall Cres,) & this will be exacerbated. The implied assumption in the planning wording that there is adequate car parking is wrong.
  3. Access to parking – cars need to drive in & reverse out onto the A57 Manchester Rd – a very busy street.
  4. Safety issues; this means that reversing vehicles will cross the footway – already a dangerous route for schoolchildren going to Lydgate Primary and Lydgate Junior Schools. Cars coming up from Broomhill would do a right turn (not just a brief hover & quick turn up Lydgate Lane – which in itself is quite a blind corner – but possibly a long wait to see if they could park outside the shop – off the A57). (It has been noted that the recent road closure at the bottom of the A57 by the Broomhill lights caused a definite decrease in traffic and general noise – planning officers visiting when the road works are over would notice a difference)
  5. Corner site; the Motor World site is on a corner (junction of Lydgate Lane and Manchester Rd) & this development would be too large for such a tricky site.
  6. Deliveries- as at Crookes (outside Sainsbury’s) a delivery lorry will occupy the whole of the 3 parking spaces. If a ‘convenience store’ takes the site it may want to open from 7am to 11pm – so customers and deliveries could be at all hours – badly affecting the residents of Lydgate Hall Cres, Lydgate Lane & Manchester Rd.
  7. Shop size; Motor World is a small shop, but the proposed one would be much larger. The nature of the whole precinct of Crosspool is such that only “local shops” would fit in (see UDP & new SDP). (Broomhill is classed as a “district centre”)
  8. Consultation time for local residents; this has been too short. The original time given was the first week of Aug to first week of Sep – right in the holiday season! However as the notices only went up on 28th or 29th Aug & the bottom ten houses on Lydgate Hall Cres only received their letters on 19th or 20th Aug. the Council has agreed to postpone the final date to receive comments to 17th September 2010.
  9. Loss of local history; the remaining feature of ‘Lydgate Hall’ is the gate posts, which at the moment still stand on their original site beside Motor World. (See Judith Hanson’s most recent book for photos). These must be preserved & preferably in their present site. There is no mention of this in the application, and Turners did not know of their existence! The planning dept. should also have known of them!
  10. Change of use; the present site has one residential unit (flat) with large garden & private parking; garage and shop. The new development would increase the floor space by 180 per cent not therefore the stated “small and modest” but huge! This would in no way “fit and compliment” the local area, with a great glass shop front wall & sliding doors.
  11. Nuisance factor – the deliveries at all hours, long opening hours & therefore customer feet & voices, & potential for litter, are all of concern. The long hours that Spar opens and the restaurants in the precinct are cope-able with as there are not so many dwellings round them.
    (Brian agreed to chase up issues with Environmental Health that a lady raised, and the rubbish round the back of the shops at Selborne Rd).
  12. Local knowledge? Will the planners actually visit the area (especially during school-traffic times – and study the site? There are a lot of elderly people in this area who rely on the small shops staying open, as they often have no cars, and need the community spirit, which Crosspool has to remain.
  13. School lunchtimes; local residents already have serious issues with the Tapton & King Edwards school sites, especially at lunch time, when the precinct is felt to be overrun by children and not a particularly pleasant place to be in. Yet another shop selling snacks & food would only make this worse – & the busy road that needs to be crossed to reach the proposed site would be a problem – jay walking etc (which already goes on).

Two people can be elected by the local residents to attend the planning meeting and speak, although many more can attend just to observe and listen.

Objections should be sent (preferably individual letters – as these carry more weight- but petitions too) as soon as possible to Ms Sarah Hallam, Development Management, Howden House, 1 Union St, Sheffield S1 2HH. These must be objective and to the point – not emotive; the incorrect assumptions of Turners Investment must be pointed out, and unsustainability of the plan. The objectors to the Commonside/Walkley proposed Tesco have advised people that the traffic and safety issues are very important to bring to planners’ attention.

You can also comment on the planning application using the Council website.

A resident said that John Hesketh has emailed him and has spoken to Janice Sidebottom who says this application needs to go to a Public Planning Committee (which she will chair). There appears to be a groundswell of opposition already. People were asked to email Janice to insist that this application goes to the Committee.

Another pointed out that there was massive objection to the Bellway Homes development on Sandygate Rd but the planners pushed this through. He asked people to watch out for parallel applications & not just to assume if the first round was won there would not be a second application with slight alterations. Some of the shopkeepers present agreed to start petitions for signatures. Ian Hague will ensure information goes on the Crosspool website, and asked whether people felt a special leaflet drop to all Crosspool houses would be a good idea. Any new volunteers to deliver these leaflets will be very welcome.

The two closed shops were then briefly discussed; the lady who is supervisor at Spar did not know whether Spar held a lease on these two, to prevent another off-licence opening up. As the lease of at least one is coming up for renewal it is thought another company wants to take one on for a wine shop.

The meeting concluded with two residents – Ian & Andy – being voted to attend the Planning Meeting as reps for the community, and they have already started work on a document to present at this. They will also draft the leaflet to get to Ian Hague as soon as possible for immediate printing & delivery. The Meeting may be at the end of Sept; once details are known another local meeting can be arranged.

The Meeting closed.

Download a copy of these minutes (Word, 34KB)

Comment on the planning application using the Council website


Proposed convenience store for Crosspool‏

A planning application has been submitted for the retail premises on Lydgate Lane, presently occupied by Motor World, to extend the building to three times its present size.

Planning application 10/02657/FUL indicates permission is being sought to change its use to a convenience store/market, possibly by one of the big supermarket chains. Work has already begun, with the removal of a number of trees from the site.

The application raises many questions, including how this might affect the viability of the present shops in the precinct, and crucially, what added pressure will this impact on road safety, at what is an already very busy Y-junction with Manchester Road.

Residents are being invited to comment on the application before 17 September 2010 on the Sheffield City Council Planning Applications website.

View Planning application 10/02657/FUL

Associated downloadable documents (including Supporting submission document, plan drawings and Neighbour notification details)

Motor World, Lydgate Lane, Crosspool
The retail premises would be extended to three times its present size
 Manchester Road/Lydgate Lane/Sandygate Road junction in Crosspool
The already busy Manchester Road/Lydgate Lane/Sandygate Road junction