Crosspool roads saved from gritting axe

Back Lane is one Crosspool road which will now be gritted
Back Lane is one Crosspool road which will now be gritted

Several Crosspool roads will be gritted this winter following the results of a public consultation into winter road maintenance.

Council chiefs have changed their mind on the gritting of 141 roads. Local streets including Hagg Hill, Coldwell Lane, Stephen Hill, Watt Lane, Back Lane and Bole Hill Road will now be included on gritting routes.

Sheffield Council Cabinet Highways Committee meeting

List of roads amended as a result of consultation feedback (PDF, 61KB)




3 Replies to “Crosspool roads saved from gritting axe”

  1. Gritting Restored in Crosspool
    Following the consultation on winter maintenance the Council has decided to continue gritting on the following roads that were under threat:
    • The route from Rivelin Valley Road to Manchester Road via Hagg Hill, Bole Hill Road, Back Lane and Stephen Hill
    • Coldwell Lane
    • Watt Lane
    Thank you to all local people who submitted views explaining why it is important to grit those roads. The detailed arguments were particularly useful.

    As your local Labour councillors we listened to you and met the relevant Council cabinet member Jack Scott to explain our concerns and provide further information. We are pleased that he has accepted the arguments and, as a result, changed the criteria and put Crosspool roads back into the gritting rota.
    The changed criteria are:
    • The addition of all school bus routes
    • Amendment to the slope/ traffic criteria to 10% from 20%
    • Addition of a criterion relating to creating a ‘western route’ in order to avoid traffic congestion.

    The overall reduction in the city from gritting 59% to 54% of the city’s roads is unfortunately necessary to save money because of government cuts to Sheffield’s budget. The Council is now in its fourth year of unprecedented cuts by the coalition government. So far we have been cut by £238m and by next year we will have lost half of our government funding. Other more prosperous areas of the country have been cut by much less.

    However, even after the reductions we will still grit a significantly higher percentage of our roads than most other authorities, including major cities. And we decide on where we grit on the basis of transparent criteria and after extensive public consultation.
    Councillors Anne Murphy and Geoff Smith

  2. Great news – thanks to people power we forced these changes. I presented the petition (with 1500 signatures) to the Cabinet Highways Committee and Cllr Smith nor Cllr Murphy were there.

    Thanks to all those who signed the petition – together we made the Council change their plans!

  3. No we don’t do ‘showboating’. We had made our representations earlier when it mattered and had read the recommendations that were going to the meeting which were a response to our concerns.

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