Williamson Hardware in Broomhill under threat from closure

Williamson Hardware in Broomhill
Williamson Hardware in Broomhill: under threat from closure

Broomhill institution Williamson Hardware could be forced to move from its current location on Fulwood Road to make way for a Sainsbury’s supermarket.

The landlord of the building is attempting to conclude the tenancy and has applied for permission to modify the unit, including changing the use of the first floor from office to retail.

Williamson Hardware has been trading in Broomhill for 52 years. A Spar exists three doors down and a 24-hour Select and Save supermarket is located at the top of Glossop Road.

Crosspool residents can post their views on the proposals on the Sheffield City Council planning website. The application can be viewed online along with all the associated documents under planning reference 12/01352/FUL.

Planning application – 12/01352/FUL Williamson Hardware

8 Replies to “Williamson Hardware in Broomhill under threat from closure”

  1. Good! I’m all for it. SPAR have a monopoly around here and whilst I am not a particular Sainsbury fan, I’m all for some competition to SPAR’s exhorbitant pricing and narrow range of goods. You often see elderly folks doing a “full shop” in SPAR (and paying over the odds for it) simply because they don’t have transport to go elsewhere and no local alternative. Just a pity that the planners didn’t approve the Motorworld conversion on Manchester Road. Also we have a cracking little hardware shop here in Crosspool!

    1. Just where is the ’round here’ that Spar have a monopoiy in? There are both Sainsbury & Co-op supermarkets in Crookes, which is the same distance as Broomhill; and there’s already an alternative convenience store in Broomhill. Crosspool has a choice of independents, greengrocers, butcher & breadshops. The planners didn’t reject the Motorworld proposal because of competition, but on traffic safety grounds. I note you seem happy to sacrifice the odd pedestrian for your own convenience!
      I’m a regular visitor to Crosspool Hardware – usually to confirm they are out of stock of what I need – but there’s no comparison between it and Williamsons.

  2. Lynne, I seriously hope you’re in the minority here. The motor world conversion would have bought havoc to crosspool and to even suggest having another convenience store would help our old folks is ludicrous. Here’s what would have happened – tesco express/sainsburys local opened, prices temporarily go down, local traders (and spar) suffer and eventually close, prices then rocket in sainsburys/tescos and everybody suffers as no alternative. I agree with your 2 points about spar being poor and xpool residents already having a cracking hardware store but williamsons is the heart of broomhill and I hope that it will remain there for years to come. People need to rally round like we all did to oppose the motor world conversion and write to planners and sainsburys voicing our concerns. One thing everyone needs to be aware of……the prices in these ‘convinience’ stores be it tescos/sainsburys etc are not the same as in their normal stores so don’t think getting a nice tesco or sainsburys will benefit your wallet and provide better choice!

  3. I think Williamsons is a first rate shop and has served Broomhill and the surrounding areas with excellent service over the years. It is a family business and all the staff are very helpful and courteous and what they do not have in stock they will gladly try and get it for you. I do not want to see Broomhill become a “supermarket” and “charity shop” prescinct.

    I am so pleased that planning permission was declined for a supermarket on the Motorworld site. What a mess that would have been with heavy lorries delivering at all hours. Children having to take their lives in their own hands with all the extra traffic and also the site being at a very bad junction. I am not a lover of SPAR but I think we all have to be on the alert to stop the march of these GIANT COMPANIES taking over small businesses.

  4. I fully endorse Mrs S Cox’s comments. Williamsons Hardware Store is a first class shop and a joy to walk into; just the sort of store that Mary Porteous (Queen of Shops) says we need to retain to prevent our shopping centres becoming nondescript boring places. We already have enough “cloned” convenience Sainsbury’s and Tesco stores. Please no more.!

  5. Whilst i agree that many people like myself would love a Sainsburys supermarket, it is sad that such a good shop should be closed down, maybe Sainsburys could just fund another empty shop and Williamsons could still stay.

  6. Williamson’s Hardware store has been trading in Broomhill for over fifty years, it would be a travesty if it had to relocate (or close down) to make way for another supermarket. Broomhill is already served by two supermarkets, admittedly the choice is perhaps limited. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong in allowing such supermarkets to operate, by allowing Sainsbury’s a presence in Broomhill it will have a negative impact on the local community as the small, independent businesses may struggle to compete with a firm which benefits from ‘scales of economics’. While it is rational that we seek the lowest price and demand that there is a plethora of choice when we ‘do the shopping’, the logically consequence (as already witnessed across the country) is that community’s character will be lost and will become a crude imitation of some other suburb in another city. Is this really want? Do we really want (or need) a choice of fifty loaves of bread at dirty cheap prices and community that lacks an identity?

    I certainly don’t and I hope the planning application is refused and that the London based landlords see sense.

  7. Sainsbury’s is not company to be trusted, they are like Tesco’s and Subway, they will flood the area with goods that will put the local businesses out of pocket and more importantly out of business, look what happened when they opened up a Tesco Express on Ecclesall Road, none of the independent shops are there anymore, that do you want that for your community?

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