Former British champion sets up Crosspool taekwondo club

A new taekwondo club is to start in Crosspool

A new taekwondo club is to start in Crosspool

A former British taekwondo champion and European bronze medallist and his wife are setting up a new taekwondo club in Crosspool.

Champions Taekwondo will take place 6–7pm every Thursday from 14 June at Benty Lane scout hut.

It is run by Scott and Joanne Graham, who are Crosspool residents with children in local schools. Joanne explained: “We offer a safe and friendly learning environment with the emphasis for children being on the fun aspect of learning, allowing them to progress without pressure.”

Taekwondo is an ancient Korean martial art, with a focus on kicking and self defence. Practitioners can expect to gain greater degrees of fitness, flexibility, concentration and confidence, which can be important for childrens’ development.

Adults and children, from beginners to advanced, are welcome. The first lesson is free then it is £4.50 per lesson afterwards.

For more information contact Scott on 07970 597 800 or Jo on 07539 935 279 or email

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