Crosspool flash flooding latest

An update from Amey, which came via our councillors, on flash flooding in Crosspool:

Further to concerns over Cardoness Road, Barholm Road and Dransfield Road from recent flash flooding we would like to confirm that our design engineers have been working hard to investigate and find a remedy for this issue.

Unfortunately this isnt a quick fix and we need to ensure that the correct resolution is found for this issue to avoid any recurrence in the future.

We are meeting with our contractor this week to discuss further and will keep you updated with our intentions moving forward.

Williamson Hardware will move next door to make way for Sainsbury’s

Williamson Hardware in Broomhill
Williamson Hardware in Broomhill: will move next door to make way for Sainsbury’s

Broomhill institution Williamson Hardware will move into an adjacent unit to make way for a new Sainsbury’s supermarket.

The landlord of the unit gained planning permission to develop the site for a new occupier earlier this month and it has been confirmed that Sainsbury’s will take it on.

It is believed that Williamson will move into the smaller property next door which was until recently occupied by Blackwell’s bookshop.

A spokesperson from Sainsbury’s said: “The future of local traders is important to us, and we are pleased that Williamson, a long standing local trader, has agreed plans with their landlord to relocate to another adjacent unit on Fulwood Road.”

Williamson has been trading in Broomhill for 52 years.

Williamson Hardware in Broomhill under threat from closure

Williamson Hardware in Broomhill
Williamson Hardware in Broomhill: under threat from closure

Broomhill institution Williamson Hardware could be forced to move from its current location on Fulwood Road to make way for a Sainsbury’s supermarket.

The landlord of the building is attempting to conclude the tenancy and has applied for permission to modify the unit, including changing the use of the first floor from office to retail.

Williamson Hardware has been trading in Broomhill for 52 years. A Spar exists three doors down and a 24-hour Select and Save supermarket is located at the top of Glossop Road.

Crosspool residents can post their views on the proposals on the Sheffield City Council planning website. The application can be viewed online along with all the associated documents under planning reference 12/01352/FUL.

Planning application – 12/01352/FUL Williamson Hardware

Five stars for Crosspool chippy

Crosspool chippy: 5/5 for food hygiene
Crosspool chippy: 5/5 for food hygiene

On Thursday 19 January this year a local authority hygiene inspector called unannounced at Crosspool Fish Bar on Sandygate Road.

Posing as a customer, she bought some fish and chips and then identified herself to the proprietor and subsequently inspected the rest of the premises.

We’re pleased to report that Crosspool’s chippy was awarded the food standards agency’s highest Food Hygiene Rating of five stars by Sheffield City Council.

Crosspool Fish Bar on Facebook

Green waste sacks available again

If you’ve had a busy Easter weekend in the garden, you’ll be pleased to know that green garden refuses sacks are available once again and the collection service appears to be back in full swing.

It seems that you can once again pick up green plastic sacks for garden refuse from all the places across the city we were using such as libraries, housing offices and First Point locations.

Having filled between three and 12 bags it is your responsibility to contact Veolia on 0114 273 4567 to arrange collection which will be within the following 20 working days. Soil, rocks, large logs will not be collected. If you do not ring Veolia they will not pick up your sacks even if they are left out on the path or verge.

Meanwhile, the reusable hessian sack scheme for green waste that was announced last November has been scrapped following the budget cuts to local authority spending. Plastic sacks were seen as a more affordable alternative.

Green waste collection in Sheffield

Green waste sacks
Plastic green waste sacks: more affordable than the proposed hessian bag scheme

Polling station changes for local elections and referendum in May

Sheffield City Council’s Returning Office is communicating with the Crosspool electorate to advise of changes to polling stations for the 2011 local elections and referendum.

Some residents will be moving polling station from Stephen Hill church on Benty Lane to Hallam FC’s ground on Sandygate Road.

The communication reads:

Following the general election in 2010 the Returning Officer held a review which recommended increasing the number of poling stations. In addition some established polling stations are unavailable for this May’s elections.

Full details of where you should vote will be printed on your polling card. The deadline for registering to vote is Thursday 14 April.

Updated polling stations map

Sheffield local elections May 2011

Sandygate, the oldest football ground in the world
Sandygate: a new polling station in the May 2011 local elections for some Crosspool residents

Background information about Manchester Road speed signs

We’ve been given a bit more information about the speed signs which were recently deployed – and removed – from Manchester Road.

The signs are known as Speed Indication Displays (SIDs) and form part of an ongoing speed awareness campaign.

In essence, a portable SID sign is able to detect the speed of oncoming vehicles with a set range and display an LED display back to the driver indicating the speed of that vehicle along with a happy or sad face depending on compliance with the prevailing speed limit.

In addition, the device can capture speed and vehicle flow data for future analysis.

The Road Safety Team at Sheffield City Council has developed a system of programmes and schedules for Speed Awareness Campaigns with some of the Community Assembly Areas whereby they provide the team with a list of sites where speeding has been a cause for concern either to residents or brought to the attention of officers by local Members.

The SID sign(s) are then rotated around these sites on an eight-weekly basis and data gathered to be assessed against ‘before’ data where available in order to assess their effectiveness.

The reason for this approach is that recent studies on the use of SIDs and Vehicle Activated Signs (VASs) have concluded that they are most effective when rotated around a number of sites as this reduces the likelihood of driver familiarity with a specific sign in a specific location.

Vehicle-activated sign on Manchester Road, Sheffield
Vehicle-activated sign on Manchester Road, Sheffield, now removed