Tavern Service Station planning application submitted

Tavern Service Station on Manchester Road
Tavern Service Station on Manchester Road

A planning application (10/03112/FUL) to extend the Tavern Service Station on Manchester Road is currently pending consideration.

Due to limited space in the existing premises, the service station is currently forced to turn away customers when it is too busy. In good weather, work and repairs can be undertaken on the front forecourt, but the owner is looking for a permanent solution.

It is proposed to extend the premises to provide four additional vehicle work stations. The overall standard of facilities will be improved, with the MOT testing areas re-sited.

The existing workshop and office occupy a site fronting Manchester Road, with access for pedestrians and vehicles from the main road. There is off road parking for a dozen cars with space for three work stations within the workshop. It is proposed that the new extension will run through at the same level, with access remaining as present via the Manchester Road.

For visual and aesthetic reasons, the extension will be constructed with facing materials to match the existing. A pitched roof will incorporate lights to provide both light and ventilation.

The overgrown area to the rear of the workshop, at 16-20 Sandygate Road, is currently used for the disposal of unwanted goods. The property and freehold owners are willing to sell the land to the service station owner and have made no objections to the proposed extension works.

A right-of-way for both the current owners of the 16-20 Sandygate Road property and the service station will be retained as a landscaped and paved access.

View Tavern Service Station planning application (10/03112/FUL)

Tavern Service Station on Manchester Road
Tavern Service Station on Manchester Road

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