3 March decision for Crosspool petrol station convenience store proposal

Crosspool petrol station
Crosspool petrol station: to be demolished and replaced with a retail development?

An application to demolish Crosspool’s Jet petrol station and replace it with a retail development has been recommended for conditional approval by planning officers.

A decision will be made at the council planning committee meeting on Tuesday 3 March.

You can read the report (PDF, 2MB) on the council website. The relevant section is on page 208 of the PDF document, which is labelled page 228..

The report states: “The principle of the development is acceptable because small retail stores are acceptable in housing areas and the applicant has demonstrated that there would be no harm to the existing neighbourhood centre and that there are no better alternative sites.”

The committee is a public meeting so you can attend and make representations to the committee if you so wish. The meeting starts at 2pm and if you do want to speak you should arrive before 2pm and let the committee clerk know of your intention.

Planning committee meeting agenda

Planning report (PDF, 2MB)

Planning application 14/01275/FUL


2 Replies to “3 March decision for Crosspool petrol station convenience store proposal”

  1. I will be attending the meeting and speaking against the proposal. There have been some improvements but I remain concerned about the impact on the nearest houses, traffic issues and the impact on local shops. I was rather surprised that the objection I lodged when the proposal was made was not mentioned in the report given that I am a local councillor but I have been told that this was an error which will be corrected at the meeting.


    Councillor Geoff Smith
    Councillor for Crookes
    Labour Group Secretary
    Chair of Licensing (joint with David Barker)
    Tel: 0114 273 5588
    Mobile: 07581 214 783
    Email: geoff.smith2@sheffield.gov.uk
    Twitter: @geoffforcrookes

  2. Geoff thanks for letting us know you can attend the meeting. Unfortunately I can’t attend but I’d like to raise a few points which you can consider raising if you wish –
    1. there have been over 100 valid objections from local residents. Do the views of the local community not count for anything as part of the planning process?
    2. I find the traffic surveys conducted quite laughable. The original surveys were undertaken on a Friday during half term where any resident will tell you that traffic in all parts of Sheffield is much lower than a normal day in term time. The claims that traffic won’t increase which the applicants have submitted and the planning department have accepted are completely false. The petrol station isn’t busy now, most locals won’t use it as fuel is constantly 5 to 10p a litre more expensive than other stations in the surrounding area. Traffic will increase and having a combined entrance/exit is more likely to cause accidents due to the difficultly of turning right out of the site. Motorists struggle to see left because there is a slightly blind bend and right because of parked traffic.
    3. Due to the above I’d like to see a speed limit from the schools up until the turning of sandy gate road of 20 mph imposed. This would make this stretch of main road much safer. I would like to see this regardless of whether the planning submission is approved or not.
    4. Whilst I appreciate the planners encourage competition I do feel there is some short sightedness in letting a development of this size take place in such close proximedy to the Crosspool shopping centre. We only need to look to broom hill to see a good argument for not over saturating a shopping centre with similar shops. Williamsons was a great shop and stocked a wide range of products. It was forced by its landlord to move to a smaller shop to make room for sainsburys, as a result williamsons is no longer the shop it was and has lost part of its value to the community. Sainsburys put itself in direct competition with spar and I don’t think anyone was surprised when spar closed leaving a massive retail unit empty. Morrisons has taken the property over but I don’t even see that lasting as the footfall which I’ve seen isn’t enough to sustain a shop as big as it is. I see a similar situation happening in Crosspool. I won’t be surprised to see spar close in 12 to 18 months leaving a massive hole in the Crosspool shopping centre. A secondary concern is if this happens, what would happen to the post office? This post office is an essential service for the local community and it would be a massive loss to the community if it was lost along with spar.

    Again thanks for your support and good luck at the meeting.

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