Daytime cafe opens at Crosspool restaurant

Cafe at La Dolce Vita
Cafe at La Dolce Vita, picture courtesy of @chlojeffcock

La Dolce Vita Italian restaurant in Crosspool has opened a new cafe.

It is open from 10am-4pm, Monday to Saturday for Italian coffees and hot drinks, light lunches, salads, pastries and homemade cakes.

The Sandygate Road cafe/restaurant is also currently running daytime deals on panini, pizza, cake and coffee.

4 Replies to “Daytime cafe opens at Crosspool restaurant”

  1. Great, it’s about time someone opened a cafe, I must admit my friends & I always struggle in Crosspool, unlike if you go to Broomhill.

  2. Where’ve you & your friends been Angela Louise? For quite some time, there’s been a cafe’ at Craft Angels and coffee & cakes, etc, available at Artisan, both in the Crosspool shopping centre. You can go just a little further down Manchester Rd to the Sportsman and get coffee, snacks & deserts, and then at the Valleyside Garden Centre cafe too. Lots of choice!

    1. Cheers for the info Chris, we always go for coffee at Valleyside, but now I know some more to give a go! Thanks, Angela Louise.

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