Tonight: convenience store planning application meeting

A reminder that you are invited to another meeting tonight at 6:30pm in St Columba’s church hall to discuss the proposed convenience store planning application in Crosspool.

The meeting has been arranged as a follow-up to the Extraordinary Open Meeting in September at which residents were given the opportunity to express their views on the proposed enlargement of the current Motor World premises on Lydgate Lane. Iain and Andy were voted by those present to represent them at the upcoming council planning meeting.

Tonight’s meeting includes the following on the agenda:

  • further information on planning legislation
  • approval to be sought from those present regarding Iain and Andy’s prepared presentation illustrating what impact, if any, the new development would have on local residents, the wider commercial community, and potentially the profound effect on the character of the whole area, before its submission to the planning committee
  • residents will be informed of some good news dispelling a story that has proliferated since the first meeting

It is possible that the application will be considered by the board at the council’s 3 November planning meeting.

Motor World, Lydgate Lane, Crosspool
The retail premises would be extended to three times its present size

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