Planning application submitted for former Crosspool restaurant

Planning application submitted for former Crosspool restaurant premisis

Greencross Chemists Ltd has submitted a planning application to make alterations to the empty Aligarh resturant premisis in Crosspool shopping precinct.

Diagrams as part of application 17/05164/FUL appear to show a pharmacy-style green cross sign on the outside of the Sandygate Road building. A roof would be erected over the rear yard in order to use the ground floor as a cafe, with a yoga/pilates/wellbeing studio planned for the first floor. The plans also indicate the extension of the frontage to form a ‘street corner feature’.

View planning application 17/05164/FUL


12 Replies to “Planning application submitted for former Crosspool restaurant”

  1. I was hoping this might become a community micro-pub, something like the Itchy Pub. A revenue stream and temporary home for The Plough campaigners maybe.

    It’s a bid odd with there already being a chemist directly opposite.

  2. I heard that the current chemist will become a discount shop like the owners other shops and they will move the pharmacy across. Can’t stand the owners personally

  3. Surely this is going to add to the parking nightmare? A class full of people arriving in cars ready for Pilates? Benty Lane, Selborne Road, Ringstead are already jammed full. This is definitely something to object to the application on.

    1. Parking already a total nightmare I often do 3 trips around the block to try and get a space when picking up my little girl from nursery. Cant understand why we need 3 cafes but apprently it’s going to be a “wellbeing” cafe. I find the owners of the chemist so rude and rude to customers and even witnessed being rude to their own staff

  4. It’s good news that at least something is happening with the building. I can’t get excited about a chemist though. I’d hope the cafe is separated from the chemist unit, then it could be operated by someone else and maybe retain the micropub option (that would really improve MY wellbeing).

  5. Rich. I don’t think it’s for another chemist..they are the potential purchases. So it’s ground floor cafe and upstairs studio. Sounds good to me. In danger of becoming a derelict eyesore like ThePlough otherwise. As for parking I’d Hooe manu using the studio would walk.

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