S. Palfreyman – a glimpse into Crosspool’s past

S. Palfreyman

‪A bit of Crosspool history has been uncovered in the precinct! Who remembers S. Palfreyman?‬


2 Replies to “S. Palfreyman – a glimpse into Crosspool’s past”

  1. In the 1940’s the shop was called Crisps. I believe Mr Crisp had the shop for many years my auntie used to talk about his apple tree that only had one apple, Mr Crisp did his best to protect that apple when one night Bill Atkin (who was a crosspool character) pinched it.
    Sometime after the war a Mrs Johnson took it on she ran it for many years with the help of her husband. John Fantham ran it for a few years. In the late 1970’s Alf Ward took it over Alf was Craig’s uncle after Alf S.Palfreyman took it on I believe he was related to Alf;s wife he had not had it long when he died this was around the late 1980’s or early 90’s hope fully this more or less answers your question. Mary Richards.

  2. My father was Sidney Palfreyman. He bought the hardware shop from my cousin Sandra after her husband Alf Ward died. This would be sometime during the late 1970s. My Mum and Dad had only been in the shop for about 12 months when my Dad died. After this Mum didn’t want to stay on at the shop so she sold the business but I do not know who bought it.
    Margaret Jarvis.

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