Do the electronic speed signs on Manchester Road really work?

Manchester Road speed signs return

Manchester Road SIDs

Drivers on the bottom end of Manchester Road will have noticed the electronic speed indication displays (SIDs) return last month. We got in touch the council to find out what data about traffic speeds the SIDs have collected.

The speed limit for this stretch of road is 30mph. The idea is that the SIDs slow cars down by making drivers aware when they are driving at unsafe speeds.

The data below from previous periods when SIDs have been installed on Manchester Road shows a reduction in average speed when they are present:

Period Average vehicle speed into town Average vehicle speed away from town
No SIDs on site 34mph 31mph
February 2011 31mph 29mph
July 2010 31mph 27mph

The SIDs on Manchester Road will be there for an eight-week period before they are rotated to another site by the Central Community Assembly.

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1 Response to Do the electronic speed signs on Manchester Road really work?

  1. Dr. Sword says:

    Has it been proven that the reduction in average speed is genuinely due to the speed indicators, or is that merely an assumption? The figures you give are meaningless without the variance, and how do we know that it’s not down to congestion or the increasing number/size/depth of potholes?

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