Replacement bench installed in precinct

A new bench has been installed on the precinct next to the outward-bound bus stop.

The old bench had previously been removed by Street Force due to damage.



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3 Responses to Replacement bench installed in precinct

  1. June Shaw says:

    That`s good to hear. Just hope the new one does NOT get damaged.

  2. Mrs S Cox says:

    What has happened to the brass plaque that was on the original bench?
    Which stated that the Chemist had made a donation to to the purchase of the original bench

  3. Ian says:

    The original bench with the plaque went missing after the council had taken it for repair.
    On it’s none return, and following subsequent enquiries, it became apparent that the original bench had gone missing during the period of the transfer from council contractors `Streetforce’ to `StreetsAHead’.
    Not wanting to delay the return of a precinct bench any longer than necessary, the Forum accepted `StreetsAhead’s goodwill gesture to provide a replacement bench of choice.
    We’re not sure if it’s possible to attach a replacement plaque to this bench.

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