Local reservoir sites earmarked for new housing: update

Earlier this year local people had real concerns about proposals to allocate green field sites in the Crookes area for new housing. Two of the sites mentioned were Hadfield Reservoir (behind School Road) and Lydgate Reservoir (off Evelyn Road).

The council has now dropped plans to use the Hadfield site for new houses but the Lydgate site has not been ruled out and remains under consideration. Yorkshire Water has confirmed that they are “undertaking further investigations” at the Lydgate site.

However the council has said in a statement that “to provide advice on the archaeological value and ecological value of the site, an ecological assessment and a desk based archaeological assessment is being carried out.”

Although the council hasn’t made up its mind yet, ostensibly the usually purpose of investigations like these are to see whether a site is suitable for development.

Local residents are concerned at the prospect of losing yet another green and open space and worried about the possible knock-on effect new housing will have on traffic, road safety and local schools.

If you have anxieties regarding this or any other matters, please don’t hesitate to contact your local councillors Sylvia Anginotti, Geoff Smith and Rob Frost.

Contact details for Crookes ward councillors

One Reply to “Local reservoir sites earmarked for new housing: update”

  1. “losing yet another green and open space”? It may be green in the sense of closely mown grass, which any ecologist will tell you is like a desert as far as wildlife is concerned, but open it isn’t : it’s surrounded by a high fence and the gate appears to be secured by several padlocks. Where were the previously lost local spaces local residents are concerned the possible ‘loss’ of this one would be additional to. This is really a potentially surplus industrial site, the sale of which for housing would give more families the chance to enjoy living in Crosspool.

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