Local sites earmarked for new houses – Crosspool meeting scheduled

Sheffield council has outlined plans to build new homes on Lydgate Reservoir on Evelyn Road, Hadfield Service Reservoir in Crookes and Canterbury Crescent, Fulwood in order to meet government housing targets.

The Lydgate Reservoir land is located at the end of the Evelyn Road cul-de-sac. It is thought that once the reservoir has been decommissioned, Yorkshire Water will market the site after 2017 or 2022.

The council is asking for residents and businesses to comment on the potential new housing plans between 16 January and 27 February 2012.

A drop-in session with Area Planner Sarah Smith has been called at Stephen Hill Methodist Church for Thursday February 2, from 3-8pm. If you have any questions about the consultation, please telephone the Sheffield Development Framework Consultation team on 0114 205 3075.

More information about the plans and consultation

One Evelyn Road resident, David Smithson, said: “If this pleasant and quiet dead end were to be the sole access to this site, the prospects of an unacceptable increase in traffic and the resultant noise pollution would have detrimental consequence on me and my neighbours’ health and wellbeing. 20 dwellings would probably mean 30 or more cars added to usage of the road.”

The sites are three of 18 in Sheffield earmarked as part of a strategy to build 1,110 new homes.

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