Progress made with Claremont parking issue

The Plough, Crosspool
The Plough, Crosspool: a location for extra parking spaces

A long-running dispute over parking in the residential area near Claremont Hospital has moved closer to being resolved.

Staff from the hospital have been leaving their cars on nearby roads leading to claims by residents of blocked driveways and on one occasion an ambulance being denied access because of double parking.

The residents’ case was taken up by local councillors Anne Murphy and Geoff Smith who have fought a near two-year battle to end the disruption.

Now a range of off-road parking places are being provided for staff by the private hospital on Sandygate Road.

Councillor Murphy said: “The problem is that there is no staff parking on the hospital site and some staff were moving across the road and parking on Sandygate area roads, which is a really lovely residential area.”

“Parking on grass verges, parking across driveways, even on a driveway in one case. An ambulance was stopped from getting through by double-parked cars. The residents had a lot of problems.”

Following representations by councillors Murphy and Smith and the residents, the hospital management arranged for staff parking at the nearby Crosspool and District Youth Sports Trust and at the Masonic Hall, in Crosspool, with park-and-ride service.

Some staff refused to use the places but a meeting with councillor Murphy and residents at the hospital alerted the management to the problem.

Now the hospital is to provide extra spaces at The Plough on Sandygate Road.

Councillor Murphy said: “There’s now no reason for staff to park in the Sandygate area. There may still be some parking by hospital visitors or patients at times but hopefully this should be an end to staff all-day parking.

“It has been more than been 18 months and three meetings with the hospital but it now seems that we have achieved something that will help the residents and provide parking for hospital staff.

“We have made the hospital management take us and the residents seriously.”


Petition for 30mph speed limit on Crosspool stretch of Manchester Road

Local residents have been in contact with local councillors and council candidates, as well as raising the issue at Crosspool Forum, to express their views that the stretch of Manchester Road through Crosspool should have a speed limit of 30mph rather than the current 40mph.

Two of our councillors believe it would be safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers/passengers in a residential area and that it would have no discernible impact on the overall time of car journeys through Crosspool and into the city.

They recognise that the council has many requests for traffic measures, and that funding cuts mean that it can only undertake a limited number each year. However, they accept in principle that there should be a reduction in the speed limit and ensure that it is considered seriously for early implementation.

If you’re in support of the idea then you can contact Councillor Anne Murphy or Councillor Geoff Smith to say:

We the undersigned support the proposal for a 30mph speed limit on Manchester Road in Crosspool and urge the Council to make implementation a priority.

Councillor Anne Murphy, email:, telephone: 07788 917981
Councillor Geoff Smith, email:, telephone: 07581 214783

Litter bin emptying to increase

Hanging baskets in Crosspool precinct
Crosspool precinct

The litter bins in Crosspool precinct will now be emptied twice a day rather than once.

This is a result of feedback to Crosspool Forum and action from Councillor Geoff Smith who contacted the Street Cleaning Manager to request the change.

Labour’s Geoff Smith holds Crookes seat in 2015 local election

Sandygate polling station
Sandygate polling station
Labour’s Geoff Smith has been reelected as a councillor for Crookes in the 2015 local elections.

The results were as follows:

  • Geoff Smith, Labour Party: 3,818
  • Harry Matthews, Liberal Democrats: 2,965
  • Julian Briggs, Green Party: 1,868
  • Will Lockwood, The Conservative Party: 1,348
  • Andrew Pemberton, UK Independence Party (UKIP): 847
  • Nick Hall, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: 121

There were a total of 15,398 votes with a turnout of 72.3%.

In the general election, Nick Clegg retained his Sheffield Hallam seat, but with a much reduced majority.

Crookes Ward local election 2015 result

Sheffield elections May 2015

Crookes ward local election candidates

Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool
Polling station in Crosspool

As well as voting for a Sheffield Hallam MP in the general election on Thursday 7 May, Crosspool residents will also be choosing a new Crookes ward councillor.

The six candidates standing for councillor in Crookes ward are:

So on polling day you’ll vote for one general election candidate and one Crookes councillor candidate.

Thursday 7 May 2015 elections in Sheffield – Sheffield city council


Moor View Farm sold to developer

Moor View Farm
Moor View Farm on Manchester Road

Moor View Farm on Manchester Road is undergoing repairs after being sold to a developer last week.

Jaguar Estates have purchased the site and are currently working on restoring the farmhouse. Safety fencing has gone up to enable them to get on with repairs.

The buildings are said to be in quite a poor state, with a hole in the roof and a holes in the floors. At the moment the developer has said that it is their intention to repair the buildings and put them back into use as a house.

There is considerable local interest in the site, particularly regarding the preservation of the farmhouse. Crosspool Forum has asked through Crookes ward Councillor Geoff Smith that it is kept informed of any future developments for the site. We’ll share news on this as and when we hear anything.

Police respond to concerns over future of neighbourhood policing

An update from Councillor Geoff Smith following his letter to the Police and Crime Commissioner last month.

Following the Crosspool Forum meeting in July I wrote to the Police and Crime Commissioner, and various Sheffield police commanders about concerns that had been expressed about the future of neighbourhood policing.

I have been contacted by one of those I wrote to, Inspector Deborah Pickering, who is responsible for policing in the south west of Sheffield. She was unable to give me any definite information at this stage but she did make a number of comments.

First she said that South Yorkshire Police is fully committed to neighbourhood policing with local police constables and police and community support officers responsible for a particular area and known in the locality.

Second she referred to the closure of Crewe Flats where our neighbourhood police officers are based at present. She said that because of cuts to the policing budget there was some rationalising of police stations with some closing. She said that it was almost certain that Crewe Flats would close with a likely closure date of early January.

She also said that she was committed to police officers being based within reasonable distances of where they were working but could not at the moment say where police officers for Crookes and Crosspool would be based. She seemed sympathetic to my view that Woodseats would be too far away.

I will be meeting Inspector Pickering in September when I hope to be given some more definite information which I will report.

Contact details for Councillor Geoff Smith

Councillor raises concerns over local policing provision with commissioner

One of our councillors, Geoff Smith, has written to Shaun Wright, South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner after concerns over the future of policing in Crosspool were raised at last week’s Crosspool Open Meeting.

Residents voiced concern following the news that our nearest police station on Clarkehouse Road is set to close due to funding cuts, and some well-known local officers could be deployed elsewhere.

The letter is published below. Geoff has promised to share any response he receives.

Date: Friday, 26 July 2013
To: Shaun Wright, Police and Crime Commissioner, South Yorkshire
CC: Chief Constable, David Crompton, Sheffield District Commander, Chief Superintendent David Hartley and South West Inspector Deborah Pickering

Dear Mr Wright

I am one of the councillors for Crookes Ward in Sheffield. I am writing to you to raise concerns which have been expressed by local people and groups about the future of neighbourhood policing in Crookes, Crosspool and Sandygate.

I am writing to you as Police and Crime Commissioner but also copying it to the Chief Constable, David Crompton, Sheffield District Commander, Chief Superintendent David Hartley and the local inspector, Deborah Pickering.

We value our neighbourhood policing. We know who our local PC is and who our local PCSOs are. They attend local meetings regularly, make themselves available on our high streets to listen to local concerns, are known to local traders and community leaders, know the local area well and move quickly to deal with any particular crimes or patterns of anti-social behaviour.

We are not of course one of the higher crime areas in Sheffield but we have problems with burglary from houses, gardens and allotments, car crime, traffic congestion, noise and graffiti. Local people support the police and are reassured by knowing that familiar faces are near at hand and will deal appropriately with problems and keep local people informed.

We are worried that this is going to change for the worse.
The key elements of neighbourhood policing are police officers and PCSOs who have responsibility for a particular neighbourhood, know it well, and are known locally; and that they are based sufficiently near the neighbourhood that they can get to it easily and quickly by various means of transport.

The future of these key elements seems to be in doubt. It appears that a number of PCs and PCSOs might have a responsibility for a much wider area with a dilution of local knowledge and responsibility. Regarding location we are concerned by the proposed closure of the base at Crewe Flats and the possible relocation to Hammerton Road, or even further away at Woodseats.

The local Neighbourhood Watch has organised a petition on the location issue which you should be receiving soon.

I would appreciate it if you would look into these matters and respond. I will be making this letter public and will be making your response public.

Yours sincerely
Councillor Geoff Smith
Councillor for Crookes, Labour Group, Sheffield City Council, Town Hall, Surrey Street, Sheffield, S1 2HH.

51 bus: Crookes councillors and First/SYPTE meeting report

New timetables for the 51 bus start today
Our local councillors have met with First and SYPTE to discuss the 51 bus

Our three councillors, Sylvia Anginotti, Rob Frost and Geoff Smith, have recently met with First and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) to discuss the 51 bus route.

A report from the meeting, written by the councillors, is below.

If you have comments regarding this then the best way to get in touch with them directly is via the contact details on the Sheffield city council website.

The three Crookes councillors (Sylvia Anginotti, Rob Frost and Geoff Smith) have been made aware by individuals and through the Crosspool Forum of dissatisfaction with the 51 bus. In particular with the failure of buses to run at the published times.

We were going to have a meeting with First and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) in January but unfortunately the bad weather forced a postponement and we were not able to meet until March.

You will remember that we were promised an improved service when the Bus Partnership arrangements started at the end of October 2012. This was going to be achieved in two ways; an additional bus on the route and a change of route to avoid Broad Lane.

The additional bus was put on but the change of route didn’t happen. This was because of the number of people who protested that they would not be able to get to the NHS walk in service.

SYPTE figures for complaints show a continued high level of complaints up to January of this year and then a falling off. This could be for either of two reasons; people have become fed up with complaining or there has been some improvement in the service.

SYPTE’s own figures for punctuality at stops on the route show an improvement from 72% punctuality pre-October 2012 rising to 84% recently. This is against a target of 95%. So even by their own figures there is still some way to go.

First admit that punctuality is still not good enough. They said that double deckers were part of the problem and that from early July they will be replaced by brand new single deckers which along with ticket issue speeding up should speed up overall loading times.

They are also putting an additional bus on the route on Saturdays from the end of April and making minor timetable changes. They gave us a list of traffic hotspots on the route which cause problems and we will be taking these up with the Council.

Also they warned that the service could be affected by planned roadworks across the city.

We will continue to have meetings with First and SYPTE. We will welcome your views and experience at the next meeting of the Crosspool Forum and please keep on complaining to SYPTE if you have problems with the 51.

Sylvia Anginotti, Rob Frost and Geoff Smith
April 2013

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum AGM & Open Meeting, 25 October 2012

Below is a bullet point summary of Thursday’s meeting you can also download a PDF copy (53K).

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum AGM & Open Meeting, 25 October 2012

Cllrs Geoff Smith & Rob Frost, Police, 20 Crosspool residents & 9 members of the Forum Management Committee attended. No Guest speakers.


2011 Minutes adopted as a true record
Matters arising – none.

Chairman’s report

(Ian Hague). The Forum is in its 10 year & has made positive progress, still publishing the Clarion & very popular website. Acting as a voice for the local residents & continuing to have excellent relations with the Council, police etc. The usual Christmas trees were erected. & then Jubilee flags 8 bunting for the summer, floral displays, days out to (Stratford upon Avon), (BBC Salford Quays). Computer courses, Children’s Christmas disco, car boot sales. Crosspool Festival Week & Summer Fayre, Helpers and ideas to Ian please!

Treasurer’s report

(Chris Batchelor). Again a health end of year bank balance. (but as usual one bill still to come in – summer planters).

Nominations, resignations and election of committee members

Chris Batchelor (Treasurer) has resigned, & Marika Szabo (Hagg Copse & the Orchard). Anyone interested in joining the Management Committee to contact Ian or any member. A mandate was given to Ian & the committee to choose a new treasurer.

Open meeting

26th July minutes adopted as a true record

1) Cllr Smith gave explanation on previous questions.  2) 51 bus route

Police report

PC Louise Atha:

  1. Burglaries, although not a major problem at the moment residents were urged to keep their doors & lower windows locked at all times.
  2. Under-age alcohol (&soon, firework) purchase. Of 24 shops tested one was breaking the law by selling to under-age children.
  3. Operation Dark Nights starting soon- Halloween & Bonfire Night
  4. The Broomhill SNA have the lowest statistics for anti-social behaviour in the city! S/A drink-drive campaign will start again on 1st Dec.

Councillors questions and answers

  1. Election for a Police Commissioner (15th Nov). Both Geoff Smith & Rob Frost did not agree with the need for this extra role, but urged people to use their vote. Full information on the candidates may not come through the door (lack of volunteers) but can be found on the BBC websites.
  2. HGV vehicles in the Hagg Hill/Stephen Hill areas, Lorries are still following their satnavs & trying to use these routes. Better signage was requested.
  3. A57 roadwork’s progress? the new relationship with Amey is proving difficult for residents to access information about highways issues. Queries through the SWCA please
  4. Broomhill library? The financial details about the proposed move to Ashdell Rd are still under discussion.
  5. No.51 buses? First Bus is putting more resources into this route from next week with additional buses. Residents were asked to keep a note of any issues & pass these to the Councillors,


The Precinct Christmas Trees will go up again, & a Children’s Disco has been arranged for Sunday 2nd December. Well attended Computer courses to continue in Jan 2013. Crosspool Festival Week expected to start on 29th June 2013..

Centenary Celebrations are in hand for 2013 to mark the 100th anniversary of Tapton Congregational Church & the first bus route in Sheffield Jan 1913, the No. 51. A suggested 2014 Crosspool Calendar – ideas/help please?!


  1. Broomhill – new Costa coffee shop opening on the ‘Cream site
  2. Hagg Copse expected to be put back to its original state in the spring, after the building work
  3. Road Show at Wesley Hall (31st Oct) – theme active ageing.

The next Open Meeting will be Thurs, 25 October 2012. 7pm, St Columba’s.

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum AGM & Open Meeting, 25 October 2012 (PDF, 53KB)