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Progress made with Claremont parking issue

A long-running dispute over parking in the residential area near Claremont Hospital has moved closer to being resolved. Staff from the hospital have been leaving their cars on nearby roads leading to claims by residents of blocked driveways and on … Continue reading

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Petition for 30mph speed limit on Crosspool stretch of Manchester Road

Local residents have been in contact with local councillors and council candidates, as well as raising the issue at Crosspool Forum, to express their views that the stretch of Manchester Road through Crosspool should have a speed limit of 30mph … Continue reading

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Litter bin emptying to increase

The litter bins in Crosspool precinct will now be emptied twice a day rather than once. This is a result of feedback to Crosspool Forum and action from Councillor Geoff Smith who contacted the Street Cleaning Manager to request the … Continue reading

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Labour’s Geoff Smith holds Crookes seat in 2015 local election

Labour’s Geoff Smith has been reelected as a councillor for Crookes in the 2015 local elections. The results were as follows: Geoff Smith, Labour Party: 3,818 Harry Matthews, Liberal Democrats: 2,965 Julian Briggs, Green Party: 1,868 Will Lockwood, The Conservative Party: … Continue reading

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Crookes ward local election candidates

As well as voting for a Sheffield Hallam MP in the general election on Thursday 7 May, Crosspool residents will also be choosing a new Crookes ward councillor. The six candidates standing for councillor in Crookes ward are: Julian Rupert … Continue reading

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Moor View Farm sold to developer

Moor View Farm on Manchester Road is undergoing repairs after being sold to a developer last week. Jaguar Estates have purchased the site and are currently working on restoring the farmhouse. Safety fencing has gone up to enable them to … Continue reading

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Police respond to concerns over future of neighbourhood policing

An update from Councillor Geoff Smith following his letter to the Police and Crime Commissioner last month. Following the Crosspool Forum meeting in July I wrote to the Police and Crime Commissioner, and various Sheffield police commanders about concerns that … Continue reading

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