51 bus: Crookes councillors and First/SYPTE meeting report

New timetables for the 51 bus start today
Our local councillors have met with First and SYPTE to discuss the 51 bus

Our three councillors, Sylvia Anginotti, Rob Frost and Geoff Smith, have recently met with First and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) to discuss the 51 bus route.

A report from the meeting, written by the councillors, is below.

If you have comments regarding this then the best way to get in touch with them directly is via the contact details on the Sheffield city council website.

The three Crookes councillors (Sylvia Anginotti, Rob Frost and Geoff Smith) have been made aware by individuals and through the Crosspool Forum of dissatisfaction with the 51 bus. In particular with the failure of buses to run at the published times.

We were going to have a meeting with First and South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) in January but unfortunately the bad weather forced a postponement and we were not able to meet until March.

You will remember that we were promised an improved service when the Bus Partnership arrangements started at the end of October 2012. This was going to be achieved in two ways; an additional bus on the route and a change of route to avoid Broad Lane.

The additional bus was put on but the change of route didn’t happen. This was because of the number of people who protested that they would not be able to get to the NHS walk in service.

SYPTE figures for complaints show a continued high level of complaints up to January of this year and then a falling off. This could be for either of two reasons; people have become fed up with complaining or there has been some improvement in the service.

SYPTE’s own figures for punctuality at stops on the route show an improvement from 72% punctuality pre-October 2012 rising to 84% recently. This is against a target of 95%. So even by their own figures there is still some way to go.

First admit that punctuality is still not good enough. They said that double deckers were part of the problem and that from early July they will be replaced by brand new single deckers which along with ticket issue speeding up should speed up overall loading times.

They are also putting an additional bus on the route on Saturdays from the end of April and making minor timetable changes. They gave us a list of traffic hotspots on the route which cause problems and we will be taking these up with the Council.

Also they warned that the service could be affected by planned roadworks across the city.

We will continue to have meetings with First and SYPTE. We will welcome your views and experience at the next meeting of the Crosspool Forum and please keep on complaining to SYPTE if you have problems with the 51.

Sylvia Anginotti, Rob Frost and Geoff Smith
April 2013

New 51 bus timetable starts today

New timetables for the 51 bus start today
New timetables for the 51 bus start today

A new timetable for the 51 bus service starts today as part of a package of improvements to Sheffield’s bus network.

Passengers have been told that the new timetable for the Crosspool service will be more resilient, with longer journey times to reflect delays and greater recovery time at Lodge Moor before departure on the next journey.

In June, First admitted the 51 service fell short on punctuality. The new timetable was designed in response.

At Thursday’s Crosspool Forum AGM/Open Meeting, local councillors Geoff Smith and Rob Frost pledged to meet with SYPTE and First if the expected improvements to the Crosspool service do not happen.

As well the new 51 timetable, other changes being made to the bus network in an attempt to simplify and improve the overall service. These include co-ordinated timetables that change less often, a new range of tickets, more services on some routes and more buses with low-floor access.

Local reservoir sites earmarked for new housing: update

Earlier this year local people had real concerns about proposals to allocate green field sites in the Crookes area for new housing. Two of the sites mentioned were Hadfield Reservoir (behind School Road) and Lydgate Reservoir (off Evelyn Road).

The council has now dropped plans to use the Hadfield site for new houses but the Lydgate site has not been ruled out and remains under consideration. Yorkshire Water has confirmed that they are “undertaking further investigations” at the Lydgate site.

However the council has said in a statement that “to provide advice on the archaeological value and ecological value of the site, an ecological assessment and a desk based archaeological assessment is being carried out.”

Although the council hasn’t made up its mind yet, ostensibly the usually purpose of investigations like these are to see whether a site is suitable for development.

Local residents are concerned at the prospect of losing yet another green and open space and worried about the possible knock-on effect new housing will have on traffic, road safety and local schools.

If you have anxieties regarding this or any other matters, please don’t hesitate to contact your local councillors Sylvia Anginotti, Geoff Smith and Rob Frost.

Contact details for Crookes ward councillors

Liberal Democrats hold Crookes seat in 2012 local election

Sandygate polling station
Sandygate polling station

Liberal Democrat Rob Frost has been elected as a councillor for Crookes in the 2012 local elections.

The results were as follows:

Rob Frost, Liberal Democrat – 1,965
Abdul Khayum, Labour Party – 1,416
Amy Mack, Green Party – 808
John Hesketh, Independent – 736
James Hoyes, Conservative – 360
Alec Hayward, UKIP – 323

There were a total of 5,608 votes from an electorate of 13,966 in Crookes, which gives a turnout in our ward of 40%.

Overall in Sheffield, the Labour gained nine seats and the Liberal Democrats lost nine. So Labour remain in overall control of Sheffield City Council.

The result for mayoral referendum will be announced later today.

Crookes Ward local election 2012 result

Sheffield local elections May 2012

BBC Vote 2012 Sheffield results

Crosspool residents vote in local election and mayoral referendum

Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool
Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool

Crosspudlians will be casting their votes today to choose a new local councillor for the Crookes ward and decide whether or not Sheffield council should switch to a system that would see it led by an elected mayor.

There are 28 seats up for election, which is one third of Sheffield City Council. In the Crookes ward there are six candidates standing:

Read comments from some of the candidates about why they say you should vote for them

Sheffield local elections May 2012

Crookes ward: local elections and mayoral referendum on Thursday 3 May

Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool
Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool

Local residents will be voting in the local council elections and mayoral referendum on Thursday 3 May.

There are 28 seats up for election, which is one third of Sheffield City Council. Crosspool lies in the Crookes ward, where there are six candidates standing:

If any of these candidates read this, it would be great if they could comment below to sum up why Crosspool residents should vote for them.

Voters will also be deciding they would like the council to be run, either by a leader who is an elected councillor chosen by a vote of the other elected councillors (how the council is run now) or by a mayor who is elected by voters.

Sheffield local elections May 2012