Sandygate Road hit and run: did you witness it?

A Crosspool resident has been in touch to appeal for information regarding a hit and run incident on Sandygate Road that left him in hospital and his bicycle seriously damaged.

On the evening of 18 November 2010 at about 6:35pm, James Huntingdon of St Francis Close was knocked off his bike at the Sandygate Road/Coldwell Lane/Carsick Hill Road junction.

He had turned right from Carsick Hill Road and was travelling on Sandygate Road towards Crosspool when a silver Toyota Celica pulled out of Coldwell Lane and collided with the cyclist’s left side.

Although James was taken to hospital, thankfully his injuries aren’t too serious. However, his bike was damaged – leaving him with a large repair bill – and the police have not yet managed to trace the driver.

Did you see the accident? Or do know anyone with a silver Toyota Celica that has recently had damage to the front of the car?

If so, you can help James by contacting the police on 0114 220 202, referencing incident number 829/18 November.

James Huntingdon of St Francis Close
James Huntingdon of St Francis Close on the Sandygate Road junction where the accident happened

One Reply to “Sandygate Road hit and run: did you witness it?”

  1. Thanks goodness James was not badly hurt or worse. I have to say I am personally increasingly concerned about this junction. It is a difficult junction to navigate safely. From the Carsick Hill Lane side you have a very wide angle to survey when coming out especially when cars speed. From Lodge Moor and Crosspool people drive really fast towards the junction. Additionally you have bus stops that obscure views of traffic and create impatience in other drivers, some even overtake on the junction! We have a small child and crossing any of the roads is not easy, you have to be aware of all four roads. I’ve heard that twice there have been bad accidents here before, smashing the wall down on Coldwell Lane. I think there will be more soon. Traffic either needs to be encouraged to go via different routes or the junction needs controlling with traffic lights or a roundabout. Crossing facilities are needed here too. I wonder, what happened to the petition for extra facilities here last year, does anyone know?

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