The Humber magistrates back campaign to find more local magistrates

The number of people under 50 and women volunteering as a magistrate has increased across the Humber and South Yorkshire

Applications are now open for anyone looking to volunteer: icanbeamagistrate.co.uk

People from all walks of life in South Yorkshire are being urged to consider becoming magistrates as applications open in South Yorkshire for this vital role. The appeal is part of a national drive to increase the number and diversity of those volunteering across England and Wales.

The Judiciary of England and Wales and the Ministry of Justice are calling on people from South Yorkshire to be part of a new wave of volunteers, giving back to their local community and helping the magistracy better reflect the diversity of British society.

No legal qualifications or experience is required to be a magistrate, but volunteers will work closely with two other magistrates and a legal advisor, who offers guidance on the law. The role also gives people a chance to give back to their community, build relationships with new people and develop new skills.

From teachers to electricians, to stay-at-home parents, anyone aged between 18 and 70 who can commit to at least 13 days a year for at least five years is encouraged to come forward.

With support from magistrates in South Yorkshire, the campaign seeks to boost numbers by recruiting 4,000 new magistrates across England and Wales over the next few years.

Data from 2022 on the diversity of the current magistracy in Humber and South Yorkshire shows an increase in the number of women (51% of the magistracy) and people under 50 (20%) volunteering to be magistrates compared to last year.

The Judiciary of England and Wales and the Ministry of Justice are continuing to build on this work to attract a wave of volunteers who are even more representative of the community they serve.

Magistrates are given robust training and an experienced mentor in their first year to develop their skills and legal knowledge. Magistrates typically develop highly transferrable skills such as critical analysis, complex problem-solving, mediation, influencing, and decision-making, all of which stand to benefit them in their wider lives. Research from the Ministry of Justice amongst HR and business leaders showed they felt people who volunteer as magistrates were likely to have sound judgment (89%) and effective decision-making (81%).

Existing magistrates are stepping forward to talk about the benefits they’ve seen in terms of their own skills boost and the benefits of giving back to encourage others to take part. Nicholas from Sheffield is a driving instructor who has been a magistrate for 13 years. Having always had a keen interest in the law, he became a magistrate to make a positive difference in his local community.

In his role as a magistrate, Nicholas says: “I love representing my local community and coming away from a day in court knowing the decisions I’ve helped make, will improve the lives of people who live in my area. I encourage people from all walks of life to join the bench – the more life experience we can bring to making the important decisions that we do in court, the better. Anyone volunteering will get so much out of it too – learning new skills and meeting great new people.”

Stephen is a Pharmacist living in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. He was driven to become a magistrate through a desire to advocate for young people in court and serve his local community, he has now been a magistrate for the last 11 years in South Yorkshire.

In his role as a magistrate, Stephen says: “I find working as a magistrate so rewarding. You never know what cases you will be dealing with that day and the variety is so wide. I feel I’m giving back to my community and I have a great sense of pride in carrying out my duties. I have increased my self-confidence and communication skills in the role and have applied this to my work as a pharmacist.”

Being a magistrate is a part-time role that can fit around other working commitments. From making an impact on families’ futures and children’s lives as a family court magistrate to handling criminal cases as a criminal court magistrate, candidates are being sought to fill positions across all jurisdictions. Whether a family or criminal court magistrate, whichever role volunteers take up, magistrates regularly make decisions that will shape the lives of individuals for years to come.

Justice Minister Mike Freer said: “Magistrates have a vital role to play in our justice system and we want to see every part of society represented on their benches. By volunteering their time and experience from other walks of life, they play a hugely important part in transforming lives and delivering justice for victims.”   Mark Beattie JP, National Chair of the Magistrates’ Association said: “Magistrates are the cornerstone of the justice system of England and Wales, so we welcome this continued drive to recruit much-needed volunteers to help deliver speedier justice for all. Diversity is one of the strengths of the magistracy, so we would encourage those from underrepresented groups and areas to apply to perform this most rewarding of voluntary roles. We look forward to sitting alongside you and to welcoming you as members soon.”

Applications are now open in South Yorkshire, anyone looking to volunteer should visit icanbeamagistrate.co.uk for more information.


North West Police Team Community Survey

Each year North West Police Team conducts a community survey to find out what really matters to the people they serve. 

Inspector Kevin Smith would like to invite you to respond to a quick survey.

The survey will take around 10 minutes to complete, and your responses will allow targeting resources to most effectively tackle the issues that are important to you.

What are your priorities for 2023? – SYP Alerts

Or you can scan this QR code, which will lead you to the same site:

It’s That Time of Year Again

As we approach the time of year when the dark nights are drawing-in and the darker evenings take hold, a home in darkness could be an invitation to a burglar. To help deter thieves the police are urging residents to ensure they have home security measures in place.

There are lots of simple and inexpensive things you can do. Make sure you keep windows and doors locked and leave lights on when you are out. As a further deterrent to burglars and thieves, perhaps using a light timer or Dusk to Dawn LED Bulb with a sensor could help.

The police have said that they will be stepping up evening patrols and Neighbourhood officers will be speaking to businesses and residents to offer additional advice about how to ensure premises and property are kept secure.

If you see any suspicious behaviour, the police would urge you to contact them immediately on 101 or 999 in an emergency. Don’t leave it a few days; ringing them as soon as possible will give the police the greatest chance of preventing a crime taking place and making an arrest.

For further burglary prevention advice, please speak to your local neighbourhood policing team:- 0114 2964898.  PCSO’s:- Pam Thompson 07584 617 210 – Phil Whitaker:- 07787 882 106 -Nicola Doolan –Hamer:- 07787 881 996 Alternatively, you can find more help and tips on their website: South Yorkshire Police

Covid-19: Doorstep Fraud and Scams

Dear all
We’re hoping you are doing okay at this incredibly challenging time.
Firstly, we want to let you know that we are here for you. SYPolice
As always, if it is an emergency, please call 999.

At challenging times like this, we see the community spirit of South Yorkshire people demonstrated in many ways. We know that groups are setting up all over the county to offer support to people who are isolating. Whilst in the vast majority of these cases, the individuals will be well intentioned, there may be some who see this as an opportunity for their own criminal gain.

People carrying out shopping on your behalf, will at some point need to be paid. If you give them cash, how do you know they will come back with the goods? If you give them your bank cards, they have access to all of your funds.

action fraudAction Fraud and Age UK worked together to create this film on doorstep fraud which we think will help set out our concerns and offers you some helpful steps on ways in which you can protect yourself.

They suggest this easy way of remembering how best to protect yourself and your loved ones if someone comes to your door offering help.

  • Stop – never do anything you don’t want to or make any decisions on the spot.
  • Check – Check for ID but remember most of these are community volunteers so wouldn’t necessarily have ID. There is no way of knowing whether they are legitimate.
  • Ask – Ask someone you trust for a second opinion, or ask them if they can provide the support you need.
  • Mine – If they ask for your card or your pin, remember this is very personal information that should not be shared.
  • Share – If you come across a scam, share your experience with others, if possible, to prevent them from being scammed.

Doorstep fraud is a crime. It happens to a wide range of people with all sorts of backgrounds. Please report it if it happens to you.
We also encourage you to share this information with your loved ones.
South Yorkshire Police





The Neighbourhood Police and the new Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for our area will be in attendance at the Crosspool Crime Prevention Meeting to give advice and listen to your questions

This Thursday 14th November 7pm – 9pm

St Columbia’s Church, 503 Manchester Rd, Sheffield S10 5PL

Crime Prevention Advice





Spate of break-ins reported in Crosspool

Over recent days there have been reports from Crosspool residents of various break-ins in the neighbourhood.

Ringstead Crescent seems to be one of the targeted streets, with a bicycle, power tools and alcohol all stolen.

Be vigilant – and if you see anything suspicious, you can contact the police by ringing 101.

Have you had your toolbox stolen?

Found in a black bin: a tool box containing a number of tools, possibly stolen then dumped. If you think it is yours, contact Paul at Direct Travel: 0114 268 7500 (you’ll need to provide a description).

Thieves target Crosspool houses and shops

Bamforths, Crosspool
Bamforths, Crosspool has been targeted by thieves

A series of break ins have been reported in Crosspool over the last few weeks.

Bamforths and CKs in the precinct and houses on Manchester Road, Watt Lane and Cardonesss Road have been targeted.

Adrian Well, the owner of Bamforths greengrocer, sent this message of thanks to local residents: “Many of you know my shop was broken into and burgled last week. Whilst it was a thoroughly unpleasant experience, the kindness and support I received from the whole community was really cheering.

“All of your kind words were really appreciated, offers to help clear up were amazing, bottles of wine (and any other alcoholic gift) are always most welcome!

“Many of you will know that taking on the shop is a big change in my life. The reasons for taking this on are many. The hours and pay are certainly not two of them. But, the support I received has helped me appreciate how much local shops are a bedrock of a community. You’ve made me proud to live and work among you. Thanks again.”

If you see anything suspicious, don’t hesitate to contact the police by ringing 101.