Minutes of convenience store planning board meeting and appeals procedure

The minutes of the planning board meeting on 2 November 2010 where convenience store planning application 10/02657/FUL was discussed are now available on the council website.

They confirm the decision of the planning board to refuse planning permission for a convenience store on Lydgate Lane in the premises currently occupied by Motor World:


RESOLVED: b) following consideration of additional information, as contained within a supplementary report circulated at the meeting, an application for planning permission for a single/two storey extension to retail unit and use of first-floor as ancillary accommodation at Motor World, 340 Lydgate Lane (Case No. 10/02657/FUL) be refused for the reasons outlined in the report

Minutes for 2 November 2010 planning board (Word, 77KB)

Planning officers report (see pages 34-42 (PDF, 3.7MB)

Meanwhile, details for the procedure regarding any possible appeal have also been confirmed.

The applicant has six months in which to appeal the planning board’s decision. If an appeal is lodged, objectors to the original scheme will be notified of the appeal and invited to make further comments.

An appeal may take several forms, it could be undertaken via written representations only, a public hearing or a public inquiry, in the latter two cases members of the public can attend.


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