New 51 bus timetable starts today

New timetables for the 51 bus start today
New timetables for the 51 bus start today

A new timetable for the 51 bus service starts today as part of a package of improvements to Sheffield’s bus network.

Passengers have been told that the new timetable for the Crosspool service will be more resilient, with longer journey times to reflect delays and greater recovery time at Lodge Moor before departure on the next journey.

In June, First admitted the 51 service fell short on punctuality. The new timetable was designed in response.

At Thursday’s Crosspool Forum AGM/Open Meeting, local councillors Geoff Smith and Rob Frost pledged to meet with SYPTE and First if the expected improvements to the Crosspool service do not happen.

As well the new 51 timetable, other changes being made to the bus network in an attempt to simplify and improve the overall service. These include co-ordinated timetables that change less often, a new range of tickets, more services on some routes and more buses with low-floor access.

Local reservoir sites earmarked for new housing: update

Earlier this year local people had real concerns about proposals to allocate green field sites in the Crookes area for new housing. Two of the sites mentioned were Hadfield Reservoir (behind School Road) and Lydgate Reservoir (off Evelyn Road).

The council has now dropped plans to use the Hadfield site for new houses but the Lydgate site has not been ruled out and remains under consideration. Yorkshire Water has confirmed that they are “undertaking further investigations” at the Lydgate site.

However the council has said in a statement that “to provide advice on the archaeological value and ecological value of the site, an ecological assessment and a desk based archaeological assessment is being carried out.”

Although the council hasn’t made up its mind yet, ostensibly the usually purpose of investigations like these are to see whether a site is suitable for development.

Local residents are concerned at the prospect of losing yet another green and open space and worried about the possible knock-on effect new housing will have on traffic, road safety and local schools.

If you have anxieties regarding this or any other matters, please don’t hesitate to contact your local councillors Sylvia Anginotti, Geoff Smith and Rob Frost.

Contact details for Crookes ward councillors

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, 26 July 2012

Below is a bullet point summary of Thursday’s meeting you can also download a PDF copy (74KB).

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, 26 July 2012

25 Crosspool residents, Cllr Geoff Smith, and 7 members of the Forum Management Committee attended. A  guest gave a  presentations :.

Matters arising

from April meeting –  none.

Police report

PCSOs Phil Whitaker & Tony Hizam. (for  Louise);

  1. Fire incident, Tapton School, caretakers’ lodge.
  2. Watt Lane burglaries – thieves targeting houses with Audis & BMWs, to get the car keys.
  3. Car air bag thefts (so the steering wheel is taken as well) – again same make of car. Residents are advised to cover the wheel with a disc lock. Available at cost from Ecclesfield Police Station (321 The Common, A6135) or motoring shops.
  4. Tavern Garage complaints; the service station appears to be exceeding its working hours & overlapping the pavement & highway – dangerous equipment such as a hoist used too close to pedestrians. Cllr Smith will liaise with PC Atha & the Council about this.
  5. Ongoing & new police ‘ops’ – Crosspool & Fulwood anti-burglary & car crime; and next week the start of a force-wide scrap metal collecting van operation.

Letter from Deputy PM Nick Clegg and responses

After a recent Meeting at Hallam Football Ground Ian Hague presented Mrr Clegg with some pertinent local questions. Emailed responses having been received, these are as follows:

  1. Government policy on school catchment areas? Sadly the higher number of Lydgate Primary School catchment children this September than the places physically available has meant 48 children will not get their first choice. (In 2013 there appear to be far fewer children of this age range, but from ’14 on the problem may arise again).
  2. Local roads – shocking state of; Cllr Smith said any immediate concerns (potholes etc.) are still to go to Streetforce.
    The PFI Highways initiative will not start until later this year and will, after liaison with the utilities in any given area, be operationally-driven.
    The first 5 years  will cover bringing the Sheffield highways network up to standard; pavements, street lighting, road reconstruction & tree management etc., cost 2billion (£800million (Council) & £1.2 billion (Government), & be followed by continued maintenance throughout the remaining 20 years of the contract . Residents will be able to a certain extent suggest replacement trees for any removed as causing obstructions. We must accept this will be “incredibly disruptive” to the city.
  3. Public Transport – getting people back on the buses! Some £56 million is going into local transport, & there will be new low-carbon buses – but not necessarily on the no. 51 route. In Oct the route will change slightly (avoiding Mappin St) & First Buses has pledged to have more buses & drivers available to match the timetable. It is known there are 6 Crookes buses, & 3 Fulwood ones, to every Crosspool/Lodge moor no. 51.
  4. Historic buildings? Jeremy Hunt (Culture Secretary)replied to Mr Clegg & Cllr Rob Frost but just said although he has a duty to compile a list of buildings of special architectural or historical value, this did not necessarily prevent their alteration or demolition. ( There appears to be nothing more to be said about Moor View Farm, Manchester Rd,  at the moment).
  5. Monopolies Commission & a new Sainsbury’s at Broomhill? A question as raised as to why Sainsbury is apparently being granted permission to build another store here.
  6. Vernon Tce bus shelter – as the site is too narrow this can never go ahead.

Councillors and SWCA report

Geoff Smith was asked to look into why Veolia will only accept card payments for the purchase of green waste bagsthis year.

The ‘20s Plenty’ scheme has decided to designate the ‘Steel Bank area (Crookes, Commonside, Walkley) for the signage to make it a 20 zone, though this may take a year to implement.


Crosspool Festival Week – Rev France Eccleston said this had been very successful – & we had two dry weekends!-  Some £1524 was raised for the Ryegate Child centre Fund. Residents were asked to contact the committee if they wish to help nest year – the Open Gardens scheme will need a new organizer.

The Summer Fayre;  Ian Hague said  thiswent well – £726 was made, all to go back to the community. The Union flags in the precinct have proved very popular –  these were erected for the Jubilee and will stay up until the Olympics are over.

The Car Boot Sale was a wash-out this June, but it is hoped another can be held in September.

Disco – after the success of the Christmas one Ian is hoping to hold another.

Computer course; this has proved very popular again; Ian expects to hold more in Sep 2012 – names to him please. There will be a beginners’ course, advanced (internet) course, & possibly desk top publishing course.

Guest speaker

Kate Hill telling us about FunMeFit
Kate Hill telling us about FunMeFit

Kate Hill gave a presentation about her website – FunMeFit – a portal for the whole of Sheffield to get active, &  to share their activities on. She hopes to run a Fun Day on 16th Sep at Hallam Cricket Club to fund-raise for this.


  1. The Crosspool bench (outside Guidos & by the bus shelter) is broken and badly needs repair; Tammy Barrass (SWCA) agreed to see if this could be  done .
  2. Manchester Rd roadworks (beyond Valleyside Garden Centre).  There have been chicanes & traffic lights for some weeks.but work is due to end by October.

The next Open Meeting will be Thurs, 25th October 2012. 7pm, St Columba’s.

Download minutes from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, 26 July 2012 (PDF, 74KB)

First: 51 bus ‘falls short on punctuality’

51 bus service: First has responded to questions about frequency and reliability
51 bus service: First has admitted that it falls short on punctuality

First, the operator of Crosspool’s main bus service, has admitted that the 51 falls short on punctuality at certain times of day.

The operator carried out a month-long review of the service and identified several issues that the timetable doesn’t adequately allow for.

In response, a more resilient new timetable is being designed and extra buses and drivers will be deployed to improve the service. These changes will be implemented from late October to coincide with any route changes arising from the current Sheffield Bus Partnership consultation.

If these changes don’t make a difference then Crookes ward Councillor Geoff Smith intends to hold a meeting with First to discuss the 51 bus service. In the meantime, he will be at the next Crosspool Forum Open Meeting on Thursday 26 July if anyone wants to make any comments.

Full information from First regarding the 51 bus service below:

We’ve just completed a month’s study of issues and factors affecting the punctuality of the 51. Inputs to this have been:

  • Satellite bus tracking data that records a time at every bus stop on every journey.
  • Observations of traffic and other delays.
  • Journey monitoring to simulate the passenger’s experience, i.e. waiting at bus stops, travel on buses at times of delay (identified from above).
  • Comments from bus drivers, passengers and supervisors.

The conclusion reached is that, yes, the service does fall short on punctuality at certain times of day. This review has perhaps been long overdue as for key periods during the day the timetable lacks the robustness to withstand the external forces exerted on it. Having said that the journey time within the timetable does expand and contract to reflect known delays but here are a few examples of issues that we don’t adequately allow for.

The start of the school day at Crosspool, the operation of the crossings and the characteristics of the school time bus journeys. That certain buses encounter large numbers of children travelling out from the City and then encounter similar numbers from Lodge Moor. So a delay to Lodge Moor through this, the school run traffic and the crossings and then the same on the way back.

Peak traffic around the hospitals and University remains at buoyant until 0930-1000 hours.

Similar characteristics exist at the end of the school day to those at the start but it’s perhaps more intense as there’s less of a stagger.

Crossing Brook Hill roundabout continues to be a source of significant delay particularly when travelling out from City. Traffic crossing the roundabout from right to left slows entering Upper Hanover Street and obstructs the exit from Broad Lane.

Traffic queues on Rockingham Street at peak times.

Difficulty negotiating Mappin Street due to parked vehicles.

You may have noticed that on the Sheffield Bus Partnership consultation there is a proposed route change to avoid Broad Lane.

So where do we go from here? Well, hopefully the above route change will be implemented, together with a new timetable that is presently being designed. The new timetable will be much more resilient, incorporating longer journey times to reflect delays and greater recovery time at Lodge Moor before departure on the next journey. More buses and drivers will be required to operate it but deployed to maintain the present level of service where we’re falling short.

I hope this is good news. The date of introduction is 28 October 2012 to coincide with the launch of the Sheffield Bus Partnership. Generally, during the summer period there is an improvement in punctuality anyway as school and university related traffic subsides.

Minutes from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, 26 April 2012

Below is a bullet point summary of Thursday’s meeting.

Download April 26 2012 Open Meeting bullet points (PDF, 78KB)

Matters arising

Benty Lane junction still ongoing – information expected soon.

Police report

PC Louise Atha – team now part of “SWSNA” (rather than Broomhill Safer Neighbourhood Area); but still the same officers working the same area. Recent items of interest:

  1. Coop Travel armed robbery – ongoing CID enquiries;
  2. armed response op, Manchester Rd, one arrest.
  3. under-age alcohol purchases; of 17 premises tested 3 failed
  4. bogus callers – list available of phone numbers to check their identity
  5. burglaries & pedal-bike thefts – reminder to keep access locked!
  6. schoolchildren fighting in Crosspool – ongoing enquiries
  7. allotment break-ins; shed alarms now fitted & new gate; Operation Herbaceous in place. Anti-social behaviour down by 4% in this area!.

PCSO Garry Hizam – BlackBerry number 07584 617 200; he can call at residents’ homes with his Hermes unit to register possessions.

Insp. Deborah Pickering – new insp. For the team introduced herself.

Guest Speaker:- Andrew Peat

Andrew Peet (Neighbourhood Watch, Fulwood).

As it is better to deter burglars from targeting your house in the first place, once secure locks have been fitted the most sophisticated (& police backed) tool is a ‘glitter glue’ type liquid that can be used by householders to mark laptops, ceramic, jewellery, cameras, satnavs etc etc. People were asked to sign up with Andrew or Pat Wilkins – or later via Ian Hague – so a large order can be placed with the company SelectaDNA, for kits at £25 a time.

Each kit has a totally different ‘fingerprint’, and will mark up to 75 items permanently., with ‘readers’ able to then trace the item back to its owner of stolen. Large door/patio window stickers then advise potential criminals that a particular house is not worth breaking-into, and hopefully eventually insurance companies will take this into account when setting premiums.

Hillside Harvest

Nick & Eleanor Rousseau, & Claire Gregory, spoke about their grow-you-own cooperative, run from on 7 allotments on Hagg Hill. The last year & a half have seen them learn by experience, how to keep the mice off, how to make use of weeds for fertilizer, & how to grow a ‘permaculture’ system that works in harmony with nature & is low maintenance. They have a rota of local members who go together to work the land, and teach school groups etc how to do this in a sustainable fashion.

Councillors’ report

Cllr. Geoff Smith said:

  1. Hadfield Reservoir – unlikely to be on the final list of proposed building sites – no plans to decommission it. Lydgate – awaiting response that Nick Clegg requested about this.
  2. Vernon Tce; sadly this is now a ‘dead issue’
  3. 20s plenty road campaign; one 2o zone will be put in place in the SWCA area – but not necessarily in Crosspool.
  4. Moor View (Gosney’s )farm; despite very worrying letters to the effect that demolition will take place on 30th April, Geoff was positive no application had even been received to do this, & Kate Mansell (planning) knows this is an important heritage site for Crosspool.
  5. Green garden waste; from 23rd April people can purchase clear sacks at £1.20 each & once filled can telephone for 5-10 to be collected by the Council. This is just for 2012, as in ’13 the Council hopes to introduce green bins. (Flytipping is recognized as a possible isse because of this).
  6. Recycling; once the black bin become a fortnightly collection people can choose which blue bin to use for which recycling – as long as they do not mix their waste.


Crosspool Festival; now in its 3rd year Sally Turnbull listed some of the events happening int he week 6th to 15th July – well dressing, open gardens, barn dance, organ recital, street market, cricket club open day, Tavern & Plough events, walks, harp recital, birds talk, gardeners’ question time, tea dance, harp recital etc! Residents will get a programme through their letterboxes in June.

Summer Fayre (14th July) – new events incl. Punch & Judy, American marching band & sumo wrestlers! Helpers please contact Ian Hague.

Car Boot Sale (16th June). – but not if its wet!

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – look out for flags & flowers in the precinct!


  1. Ian Hague was thanked for his organization of the recent Salford Quays trip; it is to be hoped they can be more!
  2. Paula Stacey is re-opening the Crosspool craft shop.
  3. A new Crosspool Women’s s Institute group has started – see Twitter (Or Paula)
  4. Computer course; names to Ian Hague please if you would like to join the new courses.
  5. Event for 21013; it is hoped to mark Sheffield’ first-ever bus route – being the 51 to Crosspool – early in 2013. Watch this space!

The next Open Meeting will be Thurs, 26th July 2012. 7pm, St Columba’s.

Download April 26 2012 Open Meeting bullet points (PDF, 78KB)

Residents’ concern over future of Moor View Farm on Manchester Road

Moor View Farm (picture and location on Google Maps) on Manchester Road has been put up for sale.

The property and surrounding land, known locally to some as Gosney’s farm, is being marketed by Eaton Commercial Property Consultants. The sellers are seeking offers in excess of £600,000.

At Thursday night’s Open Meeting, concerns were raised by some residents over whether the farm would be demolished. A downloadable document on the Eaton website gives details of how an indicative residential layout scheme might look.

Crookes Councillor Geoff Smith confirmed at the meeting that to his knowledge, no application to demolish it or for planning permission has been received by the council. Some neighbouring residents indicated that they had received letters saying that demolition of the farm was due to take place before the end of the month.

Councillor Smith is investigating further and we’ll post any updates regarding the farm to this website.

Property listing on Eaton Commercial (scroll down)

Plans document for Moor View Farm (PDF, 3.1MB)

Location of Moor View Farm (Google Maps)

Update, Friday 27 April 2012 from Councillor Smith:

I have been in contact with the Council Planning Department today. Unfortunately both the people I had dealt with before were on leave. However, I managed to talk to someone who studied the file and got back to me. The agent has applied recently to the Building Regulations office of the Council for permission to demolish the farm. This included notice of their intention to do so on 30 April 2012. What the neighbours have received is a letter from the agent informing them that the demolition will take place on 30 April. The Building Regulations office has NOT given them permission to demolish and has sent a letter today to the agent informing them that the demolition cannot go ahead without a bat survey and a planning application to demolish. The agent will also be telephoned today to inform him. I aim to be at the site on Monday morning.

Update, Thursday 3 May 2012 from Councillor Smith:

Those of you who were up and about on Manchester Road around 8am on Monday may have seen three men loitering near the farm. They were Ian and Steve from the Crosspool Forum and me. We were there just in case there was a demolition attempt. Fortunately we did not have to draw straws to decide which of us was going to dive in front of a bulldozer. There was no attempted demolition.

I have been assured by the relevant Council officers that both the owners and the agent are fully aware that a prior application to the Planning Dept. and a bat survey have to be carried out before demolition can take place. There is still some doubt as to the grounds on which the Planning Dept can insist that a full planning type application is made. But for the moment a prior application has not been made and a bat survey has not been completed.

I will keep you informed. If, though, you see any activity around the farm that looks like demolition of preparations to demolish please let me know. I can be contacted on 07581 214 783.

51 bus: First responds to comments regarding frequency and reliability

51 bus service: First has responded to questions about frequency and reliability
51 bus service: First has responded to questions about frequency and reliability

At the last Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, residents raised the issue of the frequency and reliability of the 51 bus service. Our local councillor Geoff Smith has contacted First and asked us to publish the response he received.

He appreciates that it does not take us any further but thought our readers should know what was said. He has also contacted Stagecoach about running a service on the 51 route as well but has not received a reply yet.

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive has a role in keeping bus companies to their advertised timetables. However, they need specific examples to take any action. If you have a specific example you wish to bring to their attention then you can do so by using or 0114 221 1452.

Response from First to Councillor Smith’s email:

Dear Councillor Smith,

Thank you for your email in relation to the problems passengers are receiving in Crosspool on Service 51.

Firstly, I am sorry to hear that passengers are unhappy with the service being received. There have been a number of timetable changes in recent times all with the objective of improving punctuality.

I have received feedback from our Scheduling Department as follows;
We have been analysing data for each journey over a period of a typical month and adjusting the timetable to account for known and predictable delays. For example, the slow queue up to Broomhill at the afternoon peak period, delays at school start and finish times etc. This has resulted at certain times in scheduled and published breaks in the timetable of slightly longer than the general frequency of 10 minutes. It’s the unexpected that can cause unscheduled breaks and there can be a variety of factors outside of our control.

There should be the facility for passengers to text “Your Next Bus” at the bus stop, if they have a mobile phone and this should provide the customer with an estimated arrival time of the next bus.

We can’t really draw comparisons between different services. It was always the case that different areas merit different frequencies and solutions. The population density along the 52 route is much stronger and so are passenger numbers. And another bus company has chosen to operate alongside First on the 52 route.

I hope the information provided is of assistance to you, however if you have any further questions then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely
Amanda Maybury
Lead Customer Service Advisor
Subject: Update – 51 Bus Service

Local councillor publishes update for residents

Cllr Geoff Smith, Crookes

Our local councillor, Geoff Smith, has published a report summarising his first four months in office.

The Labour councillor’s update includes issues of interest to Crosspool residents, such as Tapton school’s transition to academy status.

You can read the report in full at

Don’t forget that Geoff’s Crosspool surgery takes place between 12.30pm and 2pm on the third Wednesday of the month (except December) in St Columba’s Church on Manchester Road.

He is also happy to see constituents at other times – contact him on 0114 273 5588, 07581 214783 and You can also follow him on Twitter at @geoffforcrookes.

Surgeries start for local councillor

Cllr Geoff Smith, CrookesOur local councillor Geoff Smith has published details of his monthly surgeries.

His Crosspool surgery takes place between 12.30pm and 2pm on the third Wednesday of the month (except December) in St Columba Church on Manchester Road.

The Labour councillor also runs a Crookes surgery between 6.30pm and 7.30pm, on the fourth Wednesday of the month (except December) in the Gilbert Room, St Thomas Church (opposite Crookes post office), Crookes.

He is also happy to see constituents at other times – contact him on 0114 273 5588, 07581 214783 and You can also follow him on Twitter at @geoffforcrookes.

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, Thursday 28 July 2011

Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, July 2011
Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, July 2011

The bullet points from last week’s meeting are below. You can also download them as a PDF.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Open Meetings. The next is on 27 October 2011, 7pm, at St Columba’s.

Crosspool Forum Open Meeting 28 July 2011 bullet points PDF (70KB)

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, Thursday 28 July 2011

Matters arising and Chairman’s report

  1. Funding has been granted for another computer course – start date 9th Sep 2011. As before an entry level course and an advanced course (spreadsheets, emails & the internet). Names to Ian Hague ASAP. If interested.
  2. A car boot sale is expected to take place on 10th Sep, Crosspool Tavern car park as usual.
  3. The Crosspool Festival was a great success – the Open Gardens took £2000, the pie & pea supper £230, the picnic in the park £300, and Summer Fayre £900. All this will go to charities and to Crosspool community use
  4. Diamond Jubilee year 2012; Ian has secured some funding for flags and flowers ot mark both the Queen’s Jubilee and the London Olympics year.
  5. The next Clarion will be out in a few weeks time; residents to send in any articles or ask these to be posted on the webpage
  6. The ‘Crosspool Harvest’ scheme has a new name – Hillside Harvest – & an allotment site on Hagg Hill. The Forum is still looking after Hagg Copse.

There was no Treasurer’s report at this meeting and no police presence.

Councillors’ Report (Geoff Smith)

A lot of reviews and strategy meetings have been taking place in the Counci, and of interest to Crosspool are the following:

  1. Broomhill air pollution issues; by the autumn they hope to have a strategy in place including ensuring vehicles with fewer emissions are using the Crooked hill gradient, and tackling the food outlet problems.
  2. Mayfield Valley lorry problem; the Council is working with freight operators to designate.routes throughout Sheffield so that problems are not just moved from one road to another equally bad.
  3. “Twenty’s plenty” campaign; a strategy is being developed to look, first, at making this the speed limit for roads round schools, and then secondly to work with Highways PFI to extend this further to other streets, from the autumn.
  4. Stephen Hill/Benty Lane junction; after a survey the report is imminent.
  5. Household waste review; the black bins will still be collected weekly, and blue ones fortnightly. In the trial areas of Sheffield where householders were allowed to choose which blue bin to hold which waste only 16 percent altered their use! This will not be extended, so Crosspool will use the wheeled blue bin for alu, steel cans, glass & plastic still.

Mr Smith listened to questions and arguments from the floor about commuter parking (from Derbyshire) on Crosspool streets, and local school car use (teachers & pupils). Erecting meters around Crosspool was suggested. He had not been aware of the long-standing Vernon Terrace bus shelter issue, but will take it on board. Residents are eager to see a satisfactory conclusion to this.

Guest speakers: magistrates Andrew Bentley, Anthea Peers and Grant Laughton

Magistrates at Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, July 2011
Magistrates at Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, July 2011

The JPs from Sheffield gave a most illuminating talk about the role of magistrates in the community, how the judgement is essentially fair and peer-led.

  • Almost anyone can apply to be trained to be a magistrate – age 18-70 – and can expect to be asked to sit on the bench for 26-35 half-day sittings a year. ( Employers are however not obliged to cover the expenses of their employees, which can be a problem).
  • The origins of the magistrate system go back to 1195 in this country, and there are now Adult, Youth & Family courts in operation, with 2 or 3 justices sitting in each court.
  • Sadly some 60-65 percent of the cases in front of them are drug-related, and the officers have the discretion to pass a serious case on to the Crown Court, or to hear the case and to discharge, fine (up to £5000), impose a community order (of up to 360 hours) or send to prison (up to 6 months) those found guilty. There is a large guideline document on sentencing and their powers, but discretion and common sense are also important – fining a youth with no money makes no sense, if it is the parents who will have to pay!
  • The justices regularly visit the local prisons and stressed they are not pleasant or comfortable places – indeed can be very intimidating, very smelly and noisy! – but neither is a community sentence a soft option.
  • Motoring offences were discussed, how all cautions etc stay on the individual’s permanent record for life, and how “crime does not pay” – the court will investigate thoroughly and claim back any proceeds from crime.
  • It was stressed that a motorist must be parked, with the car engine switched off, before using a mobile phone; penalties for misuse are about to be increased.
  • The main speed cameras in Sheffield are at Parkway Bernard Rd, Penistone Rd & Queen’s Rd (Earl of Arundel box junction).


The No. 51 outbound bus from town now runs from a stop outside HSBC (along with the 52) – though residents still feel there can be 3 x 52s in a row waiting so there’s a real worry of the 51 overtaking them & not picking travellers up!

Next meeting

The next Open Meeting will be 27 October 2011, 7pm, at St Columba’s.