Update on recycling and garden waste issues

New Crookes Councillor Geoff Smith has been in touch and asked us to report back his findings on two waste management issues raised at Monday’s Open Meeting. Geoff writes:

1. Flexible use of blue bin and blue box

Blue box: from April can be used to recycle bottles
Blue box: flexible use now coming to Crosspool in September

As you know it has been agreed in principle that residents will be able to use these flexibly, deciding for themselves which one they use for glass etc and which for paper etc. The date 23 May was mentioned. This is not the date for Crookes ward. This is the date for the north west and the south east of the city. The rest, including Crosspool, will be some time in September (date to be announced). All residents will receive a letter of information/explanation before the September date.

2. Green sacks

Green sacks
Green sacks can be collected from libraries and the town hall

As explained at the meeting, these are in use again and can be collected from libraries and the town hall. When you have filled them they should be left (visibly) inside your property and you should ring Veolia to ask them to be collected. This will be done within 20 days. Reasonably someone suggested that it would be better if there was a set day for collection for everyone in an area. This is what happens at the moment in the south east on a four weekly cycle and this is about to be rolled out across the whole city. There should be an announcement shortly.

Bullet points from Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, Monday 9 May 2011

Download as a Word document (41KB)

Matters arising & Chairman’s report

  1. More scrap dealers cruising the area – Pc Louise Atha to be informed.
  2. Crookes/Whitham Rd junction traffic problems? The severe pollution caused at this junction is a serious issue that wants immediate attention. Cllr Holmes is awaiting a response from Pam Horner (PTES) and the newly-re-organized Planning Board decision.
  3. Crosspool is entering ‘Sheffield in Bloom’ again – look out for the tubs & baskets! The Forum will need to acquire funding next year if it is to pay for a 2012 display – for the Diamond Jubilee!
  4. Internet computer course – this started on Fri 6th (St Columbas; 9.30-2pm.) Some places are still available.
  5. Car Boot Sale (profits to Weston Park Hospital) – 11th June. (the ‘Tavern’ car park as usual).
  6. Darwin House Open Day – 18th June
  7. Motorworld site planning permission (Turner Investments)  – this has been refused  by the Planning Inspectorate.
  8. Crosspool Centenary Walk – starting at the Tavern 12 noon on 30th July. Please cheer the 3 walkers on (or join them!)in their huge walk for Weston Park.
  9. Mayfield Valley lorries – a resident there is starting a campaign to prevent satnavs allowing inappropriately  huge vehicles from trying to squeeze down the lanes.

Police issues

As Pc Atha was on leave there was no report, but residents made the following points to be passed on to her – as well as point 1 above.

  1. Drug dealers using the ginnel at the top of Delph House Rd – this is to stopped.
  2. ‘20s plenty’ local speed campaign progress? After the local elections this is waiting until the Planning Boards have been re-organized.
  3. Wooden verge bollards – are more needed at the top of Stephen Hill? There is still some verge parking on that very dangerous road.
  4. Stephen Hill/Manchester Rd/Benty Lane junction – survey conclusions? This junction must be sorted out.

Councillors’ Report (Brian Holmes and Geoff Smith)

New Cllr Geoff Cox was welcomed, & said he was still in a ‘listening mode’, but hopes to get his contact details out to the public ASAP .

Residents being able to choose for themselves what to use their recycling bin BLUE BINS & BLUE BOXES for may start on 23rd May – watch this space!

The proposed hessian bag GREEN GARDEN WASTE SCHEME is not now happening – green bags are available once more from eg the libraries for green waste. At the moment the ‘winter’ scheme of residents ‘phoning to arrange collection is still in force – this may take 21 days. Cllrs agreed that re-opening the Botanical Gardens cafe was a high priority.

Treasurer’s Report

There is sufficient in  the ‘kitty’ to cover this year’s flowers, but (see above) grants will be needed for future projects

Crosspool Festival

Rev Frances Eccleston reported that  the Festival will open with Crosspool Open Gardens on Sat 2nd July, a Street Market on Sun 3rd, and 0 after a range of day & evening events – end with the Summer Fayre on Sat 9th & Picnic in the Park (Lydgate Green) on Sun 10th. More volunteers still warmly welcomed!

Digital Switchover report

Carrie McKenzie (Voluntary Action Sheffield) said that all old TVs & aerials should work fine with the new digital signal. People receiving TV through SKY dishes or by cable will not be affected at all when the analogue signal is switched off, but if TV comes via an aerial some form of ‘digibox’ for the new freeview 15 channels will be needed.  If residents get  their TV signals from the Crookes transmitter then BBC2 will disappear on 10th Aug (& the other channels two weeks later) – if from Emley Moor BBC2 will go on 7th Sep (& the others on 21st) and if from Belmont (not very likely in this area) 3rd August (& 17th).  Residents over 75 will have received a letter already asking them whether they need an installer to call & tune their sets in – if they biined this by accidents further letters will be sent!  Video recorders will still work to play old videos, but not record any longer..


  1. Cold callers – (Pat of Neighbourhood Watch) said the digital switchover might mean scams with callers pretending new aerials are needed. The real switchover installers will have contacted households ahead & made an appointment.
  2. Guests for next Open Meeting – Ian Hague will try to get a Magistrate to attend (having been at a very interesting meeting re sentencing etc).
  3. Old ‘Threshers’ shop? No-one had any information on this site.
  4. Local King Edwards schoolgirl Alicia Cannon has been named as winner of the Big Challenge for her fund-raising work for Weston Park.
  5. Crosspool litter pick (2nd April) – thank you to everyone who attended, and helped pick up 9 bags of rubbish! A special thank you to a Tapton girl & her Essex friend for their assistance!
  6. School involvement in the Open Meetings? The Forum would like to hear from anyone in Tapton or King Edwards who would like to speak at the Meetings – to give their points of view on their community.

Next Open Meeting will be on Thursday 28 July 2011, at St Columba’s, 7pm.

Meet new councillor Geoff Smith at our Open Meeting tomorrow

Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, Monday 9 May 2011
Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, Monday 9 May 2011 (PDF, 389KB)

Our newly elected local councillor Geoff Smith has his first opportunity since the elections last week to acquaint himself with his constituents when he attends the Crosspool Forum Open Meeting on Monday.

Everyone is invited, so why not come along and have your say? It starts at 7pm at St Columba’s Church.

Agenda for Crosspool Forum Open Meeting, Monday 9 May 2011 (Word document, 33KB)

Open Meeting Facebook event

Open Meeting, Monday 9 May 2011: provisional agenda

9 May 2011, 7pm

  1. Minutes of last meeting to be approved
    Bullet points
  2. Matters arising:
  3. Chairman’s report:
    New computer course (internet best practice)
    Car Boot sale (Weston Park Hospital)
    Summer Fayre (Full Size light aircraft on site)
    Darwin House open day 18th June (Best of British concert)
    Convenience store latest
    Crosspool Clarion
  4. Festival update:
  5. Treasurer’s report:
  6. Police Liaison: Police update on the area’s crime and concerns.
  7. Guest Speakers: Carrie McKenzie (Voluntary Action Sheffield) – a comprehensive awareness of the Digital Switchover, due to take place from 3 August 2011. www.vas.org.uk/services/digitaloutreach/index
  8. Council officials: Due to restructuring , Community Assembly officials are only permitted to attended meetings if there are any relevant items or concerns relating to the assembly’s role within the community.
  9. Planning and Highways: Hopefully councillors will be reporting back on the request, by local residents, to make the Benty lane /Stephen Hill junction
    with Manchester Road safer.
  10. Questions & Answers with Councillors: Invitations have been sent to the current Councillors, Brian Holmes, Sylvia Anginotti and John Hesketh. These may change after the 5th May.
  11. Any other business

Crookes local election result: Labour win seat back from Lib Dems

Labour’s Geoff Smith has taken the Crookes ward seat from the Liberal Democrat John Hesketh.

Geoff collected 2,916 votes, while John received 2,397. Green Party candidate Julian Crossland came third with 1,174 votes and Conservative candidate John Levick took just 874 votes. The turnout for Crookes ward was 52.8%.

Overall in the city, Labour now has 49 councillors out of a total of 84, taking nine seats from the Liberal Democrats who have 32.

Sheffield City Council: local election 2011 results

BBC News: Labour takes control of Sheffield City Council

Sandygate polling station in Crosspool
Sandygate polling station in Crosspool

Local elections and AV vote in Crosspool this Thursday

Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool
Stephen Hill church polling station in Crosspool

Local residents will be voting in the local council elections and Alternative Vote referendum on Thursday.

For the local elections Crosspool lies in the Crookes ward, where there are four candidates standing:

If any candidates read this, it would be great if they could comment below to sum up why Crosspool residents should vote for them.

The electorate will also be deciding whether to vote for or against a change from First Past The Post to the Alternative Vote polling system for future general elections.

Some residents will be moving polling station from Stephen Hill church on Benty Lane to Hallam FC’s ground on Sandygate Road.

Full details of where you should vote will be printed on your polling card. If you haven’t received your polling card by the election date you can still vote in person at your local polling station. You will need to take some form of ID with you.

Polling stations map

Sheffield local elections May 2011