Sainsbury’s will not appeal The Plough pub planning decision

Sainsbury’s will not be appealing the planning decision for The Plough, according to the Save the Plough and the Sporting Heritage of Sandygate campaign group.

In the Sheffield Telegraph, a spokeswoman for Sainsbury’s said: “Following the decision to refuse the planning application, we have reviewed our options and have decided not to proceed with an appeal. We will continue to look for further opportunities in the area.”

True North Brewery, the owners of several successful South Yorkshire pubs including The York in Broomhill, said in another Sheffield Telegraph article that they’d be interested in buying The Plough pub should it be put on the market.

The convenience store planning application from Sainsbury’s was refused permission at the Sheffield City Council planning committee meeting on 10 January.


2 Replies to “Sainsbury’s will not appeal The Plough pub planning decision”

  1. The Building is now up for sale.Now Save the Pough campaign MP councellors and community will have to find the funding without Third party intrest.

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