Safety fears over Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction

Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction
Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction
A Lodge Moor resident has got in touch asking for feedback  from anyone who regularly uses the Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction, following several collisions and near misses:

Calling all Crosspool residents! Can you help us?

Many drivers living in Crosspool will use the Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction on their journey to Hathersage and into Derbyshire.

People living on the old Lodge Moor Hospital site using the crossroads every day are campaigning to get improved signage and traffic calming measures on Blackbrook Road. This is because there have been several collisions and many more frightening near misses at the junction recently.

The council have said it is not a high priority, and we are afraid there will have to be a further serious crash, with someone getting killed this time, for improved measures to be taken.

If you use the junction regularly, and have had a collision there, or been involved in a near miss yourself, please contact Mike at and let him know when and what happened.


10 Replies to “Safety fears over Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction”

  1. I regularly use the junction by car or by cycle and have never seen an incident or felt endangered. It would be good to know some context of how accidents occur because on the face of it it seems a standard crossroads, flat with reasonable visibility (unlike others I could name).

    Unless otherwise persuaded I couldn’t support traffic calming which in themselves can be very unpleasant for some of those who drive them every day, e.g. If they are elderly with a back or neck complaint and struggle with speed bumps even at 20mph.

  2. I have seen a couple of accidents at this junction in the 16 years I’ve lived here but I honestly don’t think it’s in need of anything more than being turned into a STOP junction rather than Give Way. I think most of the accidents occur when people who can’t read road signs drive straight over the end of Blackbrook Road. I have no idea why the residents of the hospital estate and Crosspool are getting involved in this, it’s not a road particularly close to them. As someone who actually lives VERY close to Blackbrook Road, I really don’t want to see traffic calming measures.

    1. Hi Heather, thanks for the message. We live in the Lodge Moor estate and I nearly lost my wife and 2 children in a collision there in 2008 due to a delivery driver not noticing the Give Way from the Blackbrook road side and T-boning our Renault, such that it rolled into the bus stop, with my family on board. You may remember that the accident closed the road for a few hours. It was a very hard time for us and it took a few years to recover from the shock. We still use the crossroads daily and I hope that might explain why there is some concern. Poor visibility of the approaching Give Way due to a slight hump in the road was cited as a contributory cause for what was, at the end of the day, an accident.

      1. Yes, I do remember that awful accident and thank goodness your family recovered from it. I’m not surprised it took you a few years to recover from the shock. I must admit I can’t visualise the slight hump in the road, I shall look out for it next time I drive down there. Was it really deemed an ‘accident’? Surely the delivery driver was not paying attention? The junction certainly needs better signage and to be made a STOP rather than Give Way. Thinking back to that accident wasn’t there some dreadful woman complaining she couldn’t get past or something?

    2. Hi Heather, I live on the development you mention (2 minutes away from the junction) and I consider myself lucky to be alive. In February this year I missed a collision by a couple of seconds. A car flew across in front of us at a frightening speed. We really all should be very concerned and the issue is not something to be dismissed lightly.

  3. I have worked on previous requests. Council priorities are based on accident stats with serious injuries and deaths unfortunately needed to get high enough on a short list of schemes that they will be able to find funding for as council budgets are massively cut. Note the recent successful petitions and campaigns after young people died in Frecheville and the city centre. If the stats don’t back this then it won’t happen. Eamonn Ward, Crookes & Crosspool Green Party

  4. This story originally stated that this had been raised by a Crosspool resident, which wasn’t correct. We should have said it was brought to our attention by a Lodge Moor resident. The text has been corrected above. Apologies for any confusion.

    1. And yet it has today appeared on another local forum, still claiming it’s a Crosspool resident.

  5. Accident 9th Sept 2017 caused by someone not stopping at the Blackmoor give way and driving in front of our car. Both write offs, we have broken sterna, not sure about other car. Just stick a stop sign there.

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