Safety fears over Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction

Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction
Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction
A Lodge Moor resident has got in touch asking for feedback  from anyone who regularly uses the Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction, following several collisions and near misses:

Calling all Crosspool residents! Can you help us?

Many drivers living in Crosspool will use the Redmires Road/Blackbrook Road junction on their journey to Hathersage and into Derbyshire.

People living on the old Lodge Moor Hospital site using the crossroads every day are campaigning to get improved signage and traffic calming measures on Blackbrook Road. This is because there have been several collisions and many more frightening near misses at the junction recently.

The council have said it is not a high priority, and we are afraid there will have to be a further serious crash, with someone getting killed this time, for improved measures to be taken.

If you use the junction regularly, and have had a collision there, or been involved in a near miss yourself, please contact Mike at and let him know when and what happened.


Police activity this week in Crosspool

You may have noticed an increased police presence in the area this week, including a helicopter circling overhead.

We’ve looked into this and it turns out that the helicopter was deployed to complement a ground force operation to apprehend those responsible for break-ins and attempted break-ins to the huts at Hallamshire Golf Club. They also investigated a number of reported barbeques on the rocks adjacent to Sandygate Grove.

Around the same time, an accident occurred at the Blackbrook Road junction with Redmires Road.