Road closure to affect 51 bus service

Update 23 September: it looks like this work and disruption will now continue until Wednesday 30 September.

51 bus

The 51 bus will be affected

Resurfacing work on Sandygate Road will have an impact on the 51 bus service this weekend.

The bus route will split into two at Broomhill, with buses going alternately between Crosspool and Lodge Moore every 20 minutes.

Full details are on the First South Yorkshire website:

51 bus service Friday 18-Tuesday 22 September 2015

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3 Responses to Road closure to affect 51 bus service

  1. John Wragg says:

    51 route. What on earth does that mean?

  2. John Wragg says:

    Aha mystery solved. It means this.
    Coming from town the 51 route will be split at Broomhill with alternate journeys going to Crosspool shops only. The other alternative journeys will go via Ranmoor and Crimicar Lane to Lodge Moor giving everyone on the split routes a 20 minute service.

  3. Does anyone know if the 51 bus route is affected from Wed 23rd? or is it back to normal for a while? I have to catch the 51 from Lodge Moor to town all this week. Thanks, Angela

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