Body of dead cat found on Lydgate Lane – can you help find the owner?

Do you recognise this cat?
Do you recognise this cat?

Some sad news: the body of a dead ginger and white cat has been found this morning on the side of Lydgate Lane next to the corner of Lydgate Hall Crescent.

It has been taken it to a house for safe keeping. If you think it might be yours then please call the person who found it on 0114 266 5492.

Update 27 December: we think the cat might be the same one as in this photo.


3 Replies to “Body of dead cat found on Lydgate Lane – can you help find the owner?”

  1. Was this a very clean, largely fluffy looking ginger cat, it’s sad to say, it came to the shop on Wednesday night and after we tried to get in touch with rspca, we had to leave it out and lock the shop, my heart goes to the owner very much this time of year .

    1. Yes it was. It turns out several people helped it in the few days before boxing day when it was found but we don’t know who it belongs to. Unfortunately we will have to contact the council this week to collect it. I had really hoped it’s owner could be traced first.

  2. It’s sad to see this especially at this time of year, I just hope the cats owner is Ok, this cat was too clean for your average outdoor cat

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