Body of dead cat found on Lydgate Lane – can you help find the owner?

Do you recognise this cat?
Do you recognise this cat?

Some sad news: the body of a dead ginger and white cat has been found this morning on the side of Lydgate Lane next to the corner of Lydgate Hall Crescent.

It has been taken it to a house for safe keeping. If you think it might be yours then please call the person who found it on 0114 266 5492.

Update 27 December: we think the cat might be the same one as in this photo.


Dead cat found in Manchester Road garden – can you help find the owner?

A dead cat has been found in a garden on Manchester Road near Den Bank Avenue.

The black and white cat has an orange collar with bell attached. It has black fur on the back and sides plus a white nose, mouth and chin, white paws and white tummy. No obvious address was attached.

There were no visible injuries, but it may have been hit on the main road and run into a garden.

The person who found the cat has asked us to post this in order to alert the owners. If you are worried the cat may be yours then you can see a photo of it here to check.

The council were due to collect the cat today. They will check for any microchip and try to contact the owner.

If you are the owner, or know the owner, then you can also contact the council via the form on their website. The council reference number is 101001719494.