Body of dead cat found on Lydgate Lane – can you help find the owner?

Do you recognise this cat?
Do you recognise this cat?

Some sad news: the body of a dead ginger and white cat has been found this morning on the side of Lydgate Lane next to the corner of Lydgate Hall Crescent.

It has been taken it to a house for safe keeping. If you think it might be yours then please call the person who found it on 0114 266 5492.

Update 27 December: we think the cat might be the same one as in this photo.


Have you see a missing ginger and white cat near Benty Lane?

Have you seen this Benty Lane cat?The owners of the ginger and white cat last seen curled up on a Benty Lane drive near Stephen Hill Church on Monday 2 December are asking for any more information people may have.

Witnesses last saw the cat on the owner’s driveway at around 4pm on Monday but she was not moving.

The owners are looking for any information to see if anyone called local vets, the RSPCA or Sheffield City Council. If you have any info on where the cat is now, please get in touch with the owners on 07970 215535.

Meanwhile, the black cat that went missing from Cairns Road on Sunday has been found.

Update 5 December The ginger and white cat has been found. The owners were relieved they were able to say goodbye and have asked us to thank the people of Crosspool for their help.