Moor View Farm planning applications open for comment

Moor View Farm
Planning applications are online for Moor View Farm

Planning application 14/02155/FUL for the building of houses on the lower part of the Moor View Farm site is now online and open for comments.

The more detailed plans show five houses, garages, 12 parking spaces and two drives for vehicle access from Manchester Road.

This application is being submitted alongside another scheme, 14/02232/FUL, for the upper part of the site to replace the dilapidated barns with two dwellings, which is also open for comment.

There is also an application 14/01368/FUL to add an extension to the existing farmhouse.

4 Replies to “Moor View Farm planning applications open for comment”

  1. Dear Crosspool News

    Hi robin

    No surprises there.

    here we call it rendite. England call it profit. I mean countryside is “nature” something natural and pleasant to the eye. Why not put as many juicy buildings on the green as possible – someone will go running to the bank laughing. When Englands green and pleasant land is gone – then we shall all be crying!


  2. Hi, I think it is worth pointing out to everyone who thinks the Moor Farm development is 5 houses that it is in reality 8 with the barns being converted into what appear to be two storey buildings and two more roads joining onto Manchester Road which will significantly increase traffic and obstacles for pedestrians. Comments have to be in by this Friday

  3. You have hit the nail on the head Dave, but only the folk from Crosspool and history may be concerned. My g.grandfather was the owner of this farm John Gosney.

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