Wanted: Crosspool snow wardens

The precinct, Crosspool, 1 December 2010
Are you interested in volunteering as a Crosspool snow warden?

Sheffield city council is looking to extend its snow warden scheme this winter and is offering free shovels to community groups who would like to get involved.

Crosspool Forum is finding out whether anyone might consider volunteering as a Crosspool snow warden. If you’re interested then please let us know by emailing crosspoolforum@fsmail.net or using the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Yes, I’m interested in volunteering to be a Crosspool snow warden:

One Reply to “Wanted: Crosspool snow wardens”

  1. It is a very good idea, but I suppose as usual you will get the same people who come to the Forum Meetings. We do look after the older people on Manchester Road and clear their pathways. I think we should alert all young men in the area aged between 15-20 possibly alert the local schools who will have a lot of young men who could volunteer. Sandra Cox

    Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 12:47:03 +0000 To: geoffccox@hotmail.com

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