Volunteer for Care in Crosspool

Care in Crosspool are looking to welcome more volunteers for befriending in the local community.

You have to be over 18. Their chair will be at the summer fayre with more information or otherwise please contact the office on 0114 267 0045 or email careincrosspool@gmail.com.

Care in Crosspool


Volunteers wanted to help water precinct hanging baskets

Hanging baskets in Crosspool precinct
Hanging baskets in Crosspool precinct

Could you spare an hour a week to help water the hanging baskets at Crosspool shops?

The flower displays have been a regular feature in the precinct for many years and since last summer Crosspool Forum volunteers have taken on the watering of the hanging baskets.

We’re looking for people who can possibly spare the time each week – between 30 minutes and an hour – to help with watering. This will be from June to early September, depending on how long the summer lasts.

Equipment and training will be provided. If you’re interested, please email the Forum directly using crosspoolforum@fsmail.net or telephone Steve on 0114 266 3473.

Wanted: Crosspool snow wardens

The precinct, Crosspool, 1 December 2010
Are you interested in volunteering as a Crosspool snow warden?

Sheffield city council is looking to extend its snow warden scheme this winter and is offering free shovels to community groups who would like to get involved.

Crosspool Forum is finding out whether anyone might consider volunteering as a Crosspool snow warden. If you’re interested then please let us know by emailing crosspoolforum@fsmail.net or using the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Yes, I’m interested in volunteering to be a Crosspool snow warden: