Manchester Road resurfacing: verges will be be re-seeded

Manchester Road daffodils
Manchester Road daffodils

Amey have confirmed that any Manchester Road verges that are damaged as part of the Streets Ahead project will be repaired.

Spokesperson Claire Tideswell said: “I have been speaking with our site team and they have advised me that when doing the pavement resurfacing work there may well be some minimal verge damage as a result of the work we’re doing. This will be likely from week commencing 27 February as we move closer towards Crosspool.

“Once the work has been completed we will then re-soil and re-seed any areas which have been damaged as a result of the works. We will take as much care as possible but some damage will unfortunately be inevitable.

“The contractor is aware of the bulbs which are planted in the verges and have bought their concerns to our attention.”

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Last chance to give your views on library proposals

Broomhill library
Broomhill library is due to close

The campaign by Broomhill Library Action Group (BLAG) to save Broomhill library is reaching a head, with campaigners delivering leaflets and getting out and about in the community over the weekend.

The consultation period is due to end on Friday 10 January, so if you want to comment on the council proposals, you should do so before then.

BLAG is inviting Crosspool residents to join them and other library users from across the city to present petitions to the council at 1pm on Wednesday 8 January outside the Town Hall.

How you can protest against the closure of Broomhill library

BLAG on Facebook

Save Broomhill Library
Save Broomhill Library

Wanted: Crosspool snow wardens

The precinct, Crosspool, 1 December 2010
Are you interested in volunteering as a Crosspool snow warden?

Sheffield city council is looking to extend its snow warden scheme this winter and is offering free shovels to community groups who would like to get involved.

Crosspool Forum is finding out whether anyone might consider volunteering as a Crosspool snow warden. If you’re interested then please let us know by emailing or using the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Yes, I’m interested in volunteering to be a Crosspool snow warden:

Broomhill library and Crosspool mobile library service to be axed

Sheffield City Council has announced that Broomhill library could close within two years unless a community group comes forward to run it.

Mobile library
Crosspool mobile library will be axed

The mobile library service that visits Crosspool is also due to be scrapped.

Under the plans, just 12 of Sheffield’s 28 libraries will be saved, five will become community-led and 11 – including Broomhill and Walkley – will become ‘independent libaries’.

The council is seeking your views on the proposals.

BBC News: Half of Sheffield’s libraries facing axe

Sheffield city council library proposals

Tell the council what you think

Find out more about Streets Ahead project

Work has now started on improving Sheffield’s roads and pavements as part of Streets Ahead.

You can find out more about the project, and get answers to any questions you may have, at Wesley Hall Methodist Church in Crookes on Wednesday 31 October 2012 between 2 and 5pm.

This event has been designed with older people in mind. Transport is available, so give them a ring on 0114 203 7212 and they’ll organise for you to be picked up and dropped home again.

Find out more about Streets Ahead
Find out more about Streets Ahead

More recycling delays for Crosspool

Manchester Road
Manchester Road: recycling should be collected tomorrow

Crosspool households on Manchester Road and Ringstead Avenue are still waiting for their blue bins and boxes to be emptied today.

Veolia have advised that they should all be emptied tomorrow (Tuesday).

Two weeks ago there were also delays to Veolia’s recycling service, with 12 roads in our area not having their recycling collected on the scheduled day.

Recycling bins and boxes will be emptied today

Blue bins and boxes weren't emptied on some Crosspool roads on Monday
Blue bins and boxes weren’t emptied on some Crosspool roads on Monday

If your blue bin and box didn’t get emptied yesterday then it should be dealt with today, according to Veolia.

Problems with collection lorries on Monday meant that around 12 roads in our area didn’t have their recycling collected. If you keep your bin and box left out today they should get emptied.

Sheffield residents recently moved to fortnightly collections, alternating between black wheelie bins one week and blue recycling bins/boxes the other.

Damaged manhole cover in precinct to be repaired this weekend

The damaged manhole cover in the precinct is finally due to be repaired on Sunday
The damaged manhole cover in the precinct is finally due to be repaired on Sunday

The damaged manhole cover in the middle of Crosspool precinct will finally be repaired on Sunday 24 June.

The manhole – also known as a Gatic box – is the property and responsibility of National Grid. A spokesperson explained the reason for the delay:

This is a bespoke box, which due to the chamber and apparatus contained beneath it, has to be manufactured accordingly to the size, content and road type. We apologise for the length of time and any inconvenience that this has caused.

Sheffield City Council was informed on 20 April about the damaged manhole and since then traffic cones and ‘keep left’ road signs have been placed to ensure the area is avoided by traffic and pedestrians.

Household waste survey

Have your say on household waste by filling in this council questionnaire before it closes on Friday 16 September:

We want you to tell us what’s important to you for your waste collection services and what you think our priorities should be over the next few years when we need to make savings. You might have strong opinions about how your waste and recycling is collected in the future. Whatever your feelings, let us know, and we can take your views into account when making future decisions about waste services in Sheffield.

You can take part in the survey by:

  • filling it in online
  • calling 0844 522 0100
  • collecting a copy from your local First Point Office, Housing Office or library.
Blue box: from April can be used to recycle bottles
Have your say on household waste in Sheffield