Consultation on additional school places for Crosspool children

Sheffield City Council cabinet has agreed that residents should be consulted on providing additional school places at Hallam Primary school for children from Crosspool.

Crookes Councillor Geoff Smith explains: “For 2012 entry there were not enough places at Lydgate and some childen went to Hallam or Westways. There was not a problem this year but it is likely that there will be too many children for Lydgate in 2014 and in subsequent years. Expanding Lydgate is not a feasible option as it has a four-form (120) entry already and it is not physically possible or educationally desirable to increase the entry.

“Shortage of primary school places is a national and a Sheffield problem. In Sheffield we are building some new schools in the areas with the highest population growth. Crosspool is not one of the worst affected areas and, anyway, it would be very difficult to find a suitable site for an additional school in Crosspool.”

The consultation, which was agreed at the meeting last week, will run 26 September-7 November. We’ll post more details on it as soon as we know more. Consultation information will also be sent to schools and nurseries.

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