The Real Food Club launches in Crosspool

A new food club to help people to eat healthily launches on Wednesday 29 May in Crosspool.

The Real Food Club is designed to be more than just a slimming club. It encourages people to make small changes to their diet to give big results. You don’t even have to be looking to lose weight to join.

The Real Food Club launches in Crosspool

The Real Food Club launches in Crosspool

Each family-friendly session includes:

  • Weigh-in or measure (private from others)
  • Education session or outside speakers
  • Group discussion on the week- optional to join in
  • Menu plan
  • Two recipes
  • Unlimited email and phone support

Come along on a Wednesday night from 8:15pm to Hallam FC, Sandygate Road. The first session is just £3 and after that it is £5.50 a session.

The club is run by Hannah Bailey from Wise Choice Nutrition. Hannah is a qualified nutritionist with three years experience of helping people lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.

She set up the Real Food Club to offer an alternative for people dissatisfied with current weight loss clubs and looking for something which would give long term benefit.

For more information visit or email or call Hannah on 07912 556470. You need to book the first session.

You can also follow The Real Food Club on Facebook and Twitter.

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