Work to tackle serious subsidence on A57 Manchester Road continues

Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road
Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road

During Crosspool Forum’s April Open Meeting, it was reported that the temporary traffic signals and roadworks on the A57 Manchester Road are one year old this May.

The work is the result of a serious subsidence problem which has spread significantly since it was first identified and is now affecting the retaining wall.

Although it may appear to regular users of the road that little has been done other than the siting of temporary signals, Amey has been monitoring the subsidence and has drilled several boreholes as part of its investigations. It appears that the problem is more complex than originally believed, meaning further surveys have been required.

Two options have been identified to stabilise the ground and stop further subsidence. The first involves driving concrete pilings, twelve metres in length, into the ground to support the embankment.

The second, reported recently in the Sheffield Star, uses electricity. The method involves inserting electrodes into the ground: the electrical current stabilises the ground beneath by altering the properties of the rock and soil. This method has been used successfully in similar situations and may be an option for the A57.

Our councillors and Amey inform us that the work is due to start in May or June so we may have seen the last of the chicane by the end of summer.


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