Broomhill car fire causes delays

Broomhill car fire causes delays
Broomhill car fire causes delays

A car fire near the Manchester Road/Fulwood Road junction is causing delays for commuters this morning.

A fire engine and police are in attendance, with the fire put out by 8.15am.

A57 Manchester Road roadworks are finally complete after 22 months

Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road
A57 Manchester Road roadworks are finally complete

Manchester Road is now fully open to traffic travelling in both directions.

The road has been in various states of closure and repair since May 2012 due to serious subsistence.

Wet weather delays reopening of A57 Manchester Road

Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road
Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road

Manchester Road will fully reopen on Monday 3 March, four weeks later than originally planned.

Contractors Amey installed a new drain and gabions but wet weather has delayed the completion of the ground anchoring to the upper slope.

This means the single lane closure and temporary traffic lights will now be in place until March.

A57 Manchester Road to close for three weeks

Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road
Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road

Manchester Road will close for three weeks in November to allow for the repair of a collapsed drain under the road.

From 11pm on Friday 8 November 8 to 6am on Monday 2 December 2013 the road will be closed as follows:

  • Outbound after Hagg Lane and Coldwell Lane (with notices that access will be maintained for the local businesses and residents)
  • Inbound at the junction of the A57/A6101 Rivelin Valley Road. Local traffic will be able to access Lodge Lane via Rails Road but HGVs will be diverted via Malin Bridge

The A57 will then reopen again to single lane traffic while further work is carried out to stabilise the slope below the road. Once this is completed, the road will fully reopen at the end of January 2014. Pedestrian access will be maintained while this work is carried out.

Contractors Amey will advantage of the road closure to carry out other works at the same time including pruning of trees, clearing overgrown footpaths, some footpath repairs and clearing drainage gullies.

Sign warning motorists of A57 Manchester Road repairs
Sign warning motorists of A57 Manchester Road repairs

Tapton Hill Streets Ahead work hit by delays

Streets Ahead improvements have been delayed in Tapton Hill
Streets Ahead improvements have been delayed in Tapton Hill

Crosspool residents living on Tapton Hill  are receiving notifications from Streets Ahead notifying them of delays to the improvements and new dates for when work will take place.

On Monday 5 August, work commenced a month later than planned on Vernon Terrace, Ryegate Road, Ryegate Crescent and Bosville Road. People living on these streets should have received a letter about this.

Lydgate Lane residents were expecting work to begin at night on 12 and 15 August, but this has been delayed and will instead take place Monday 19 to Friday 23 August 2013 between 7am and 7pm. Cars will be diverted, although access for pedestrians and emergency vehicles will be available at all times.

After a review of road conditions in the area, Cross Lane will now also be resurfaced. Residents will be informed by letter once a date is confirmed.

Underground cabling issues have meant that installation of new street lighting in Tapton Hill will start in November with a projected completion date of January. The heritage lights which are due to be installed in the Broomhill conservation area are on order. Pavements will be resurfaced as street lights are replaced.

Tapton Hill Streets Ahead schedule

Work to tackle serious subsidence on A57 Manchester Road continues

Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road
Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road

During Crosspool Forum’s April Open Meeting, it was reported that the temporary traffic signals and roadworks on the A57 Manchester Road are one year old this May.

The work is the result of a serious subsidence problem which has spread significantly since it was first identified and is now affecting the retaining wall.

Although it may appear to regular users of the road that little has been done other than the siting of temporary signals, Amey has been monitoring the subsidence and has drilled several boreholes as part of its investigations. It appears that the problem is more complex than originally believed, meaning further surveys have been required.

Two options have been identified to stabilise the ground and stop further subsidence. The first involves driving concrete pilings, twelve metres in length, into the ground to support the embankment.

The second, reported recently in the Sheffield Star, uses electricity. The method involves inserting electrodes into the ground: the electrical current stabilises the ground beneath by altering the properties of the rock and soil. This method has been used successfully in similar situations and may be an option for the A57.

Our councillors and Amey inform us that the work is due to start in May or June so we may have seen the last of the chicane by the end of summer.

Broomhill roadworks to last until 4 March

The temporary traffic lights in Broomhill are not due to be removed until Monday 4 March.

Work is currently underway to excavate up to 15 meters of footway to locate high voltage cables that have caused loss of power.

The multi-way temporary traffic lights are causing delays to traffic travelling through Broomhill. During the morning rush hour tailbacks are stretching up Manchester Road all the way to Crosspool, causing delays to commuters.

Update 28 February: the wors appear to have been completed unexpectedly early, so the temporary traffic lights have now been removed.