Work to tackle serious subsidence on A57 Manchester Road continues

Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road
Temporary traffic signals on Manchester Road

During Crosspool Forum’s April Open Meeting, it was reported that the temporary traffic signals and roadworks on the A57 Manchester Road are one year old this May.

The work is the result of a serious subsidence problem which has spread significantly since it was first identified and is now affecting the retaining wall.

Although it may appear to regular users of the road that little has been done other than the siting of temporary signals, Amey has been monitoring the subsidence and has drilled several boreholes as part of its investigations. It appears that the problem is more complex than originally believed, meaning further surveys have been required.

Two options have been identified to stabilise the ground and stop further subsidence. The first involves driving concrete pilings, twelve metres in length, into the ground to support the embankment.

The second, reported recently in the Sheffield Star, uses electricity. The method involves inserting electrodes into the ground: the electrical current stabilises the ground beneath by altering the properties of the rock and soil. This method has been used successfully in similar situations and may be an option for the A57.

Our councillors and Amey inform us that the work is due to start in May or June so we may have seen the last of the chicane by the end of summer.

Meeting called to discuss Tapton academy plans

Tapton school: to become an academy?
Tapton school: close to becoming an academy

A public meeting will take place at 6.30pm on Tuesday 21 June at Tapton school to discuss plans to turn the school into an academy.

Teachers at Tapton are against the move, fearing that becoming an academy will not raise educational standards.

Governors feel such a move would be in the school’s best interest, allowing them to balance the books by negotiating better value services.

Sheffield Star: Academy status a step closer at top city school

Cardoness Road and Den Bank Crescent royal wedding street parties

All the best to the residents of Cardoness Road and Den Bank Crescent as they enjoy their royal wedding street parties today.

Stretches of both roads are closed.

In a Sheffield Star report, Simone Kirkham, at a street party on Cardoness Road, said:

“It’s a good idea – a good way of getting the community together. The best part of the ceremony was the dress. She looked great.”

South Yorkshire celebrates William and Kate’s big day

BBC slideshow: photos 10, 11 and 12 in this BBC slideshow are from the Cardoness Road street party

Cardoness Road was part-closed for the royal wedding street party
Cardoness Road was part-closed for the royal wedding street party
Den Bank Crescent was part-closed for the royal wedding street party
Den Bank Crescent was part-closed for the royal wedding street party

Backlash at Tapton school academy bid

The Sheffield Star reports on the furious backlash over plans for Tapton school to become an academy:

 The NASUWT union says the decision has been taken unilaterally without consulting staff, parents or the local community.
“We hope parents and the Tapton community as a whole will have time to reflect on why they are being steam-rollered into accepting a decision to take their local community school out of local accountability and control,” said Sheffield secretary David Haigh.

Tapton school: to become an academy?
There is a backlash at plans to turn Tapton into an academy

Readers of this website have also raised their concerns on a previous article about the plans. What do you think? You can comment below.

Sheffield Star: Furious backlash at school academy bid

Crosspool schools in ice cream van row

The council’s licensing board meets today to discuss concerns from Tapton and King Edward VII lower school teachers regarding the safety of pupils as they are drawn onto Darwin Lane at busy times in order to buy from the ice cream van.

In January, a boy was hit crossing the road to reach the van. Ice cream man Chris Turner has been trading on the site since May 1971.

Sheffield Star: Schools in ice cream van row

Police attend the scene of the accident on Darwin Lane
A boy was hit crossing the road to reach the ice cream van in January

Consultation on Broomhill Crookes Road junction changes

Local residents are being consulted on two options to make it easier to cross the road in Broomhill at the Crookes Road/Fulwood Road/Nile Street/Whitham Road junction.

One proposal would see vehicles banned from turning left from Fulwood Road into Crookes Road and an extra crossing inserted on Fulwood Road between the benches outside Cream coffee shop and Help the Aged:

Broomhill Crookes Road junction proposals - option 1
Broomhill junction proposals option 1 - click to download PDF (983KB)

The other option includes a slip road from Fulwood Road up to Crookes Road and would result in the loss of two parking spaces from the adjacent shopping parade.

Broomhill Crookes Road junction proposals - option 2
Broomhill junction proposals option 2 - click to download PDF (983KB)

Any changes will be of interest to readers of this website as they could indirectly affect the flow of traffic on both Lydgate Lane and also Manchester Road, two of the key routes up to Crosspool.

A Sheffield Star article says that members of Broomhill Forum have indicated a preference for the second option but final judgement is being reserved until more views are known.

Read and comment on full details of both proposals

Council u-turn on recycling bins and boxes

The Yorkshire Post and Sheffield Star report that from next year, the council will allow Crosspool householders to select how they use their blue bin and blue box for recycling.

With the current system, residents must use the bin for bottles and the box for paper. But from April, you will be able to choose which you use for which type of item.

The news will come as a relief to elderly residents, some of whom found the boxes cumbersome to move when full of paper and also susceptible to windy and wet weather due to the detachable lid.

Yorkshire Post

Sheffield Star

Blue box: fom April can be used to recycle bottles
Blue box: from April can be used to recycle bottles, if you choose

Care for the vulnerable and isolated in bad weather

During the current severe weather people are being asked to pay particular attention to the needs of vulnerable or isolated people.

For some, just going out to the shops, doctors or to see family and friends can become very difficult – and dangerous. Being stuck indoors for days on end can also lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

So do take a minute or two to knock at your elderly neighbour’s door to say hello, check that they are OK and have the things they need, as this could really make a huge difference. If nothing else, it can help to prove to people that they are not forgotten.

If you continue to have concerns about someone, please don’t hesitate to telephone our Local Action Crisis Team on 0114 273 5822.

Illustrating some of the problems that people are having, the Sheffield Star reports that the Yorkshire Ambulance Service had to call in an Edale Mountain Rescue Land Rover to collect an elderly injured man in Crosspool when an ambulance got stuck.

Crosspool in the snow, December 2010
Remember to keep an eye on the vulnerable, elderly or isolated during the snowy conditions