Electronic speed signs return to Manchester Road

Last week the speed indication displays returned to Manchester Road.

As well as showing drivers how fast they are going, the signs display a happy face for vehicles travelling under the speed limit and a sad face for those exceeding it.

The idea is that they slow cars down by making drivers aware when they are driving at unsafe speeds. The speed limit for this stretch of road is 30mph.

Speed indication displays were installed in a similar locations on Manchester Road in July 2010 and January 2011.

Background information about Manchester Road speed signs

Manchester Road speed signs return

The electronic speed signs on Manchester Road have returned

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2 Responses to Electronic speed signs return to Manchester Road

  1. I’d welcome more parking warden patrols in the Crosspool precinct as I’m sure the Council could benefit from fines imposed for regular selfish and inconsiderate parking. The disabled bays outside the chip shop and newsagents are continually abused, usually by able bodied drivers not displaying a Blue Badge and by white van man making a quick stop for chips. It’s a real shame when so many older, local drivers who are entitled to park in these places are prevented from doing so by those who should know better.

  2. And while I’m on rant…….why do horse riders have to use local roads to walk their horse? Aren’t there enough fields around here?! I think it’s stupid and irresponsible for horses to be ridden on narrow roads such as Marsh Lane or Lydgate Hall Crescent when we know how cars can speed up and down them. And the riders don’t care that their horse takes a **** in the road – do they stop to clean it up like we expect dog owners to? No, of course not. Would they like it if I went and had a **** in the road outside their house?!!

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