Williamson Hardware will move next door to make way for Sainsbury’s

Williamson Hardware in Broomhill
Williamson Hardware in Broomhill: will move next door to make way for Sainsbury’s

Broomhill institution Williamson Hardware will move into an adjacent unit to make way for a new Sainsbury’s supermarket.

The landlord of the unit gained planning permission to develop the site for a new occupier earlier this month and it has been confirmed that Sainsbury’s will take it on.

It is believed that Williamson will move into the smaller property next door which was until recently occupied by Blackwell’s bookshop.

A spokesperson from Sainsbury’s said: “The future of local traders is important to us, and we are pleased that Williamson, a long standing local trader, has agreed plans with their landlord to relocate to another adjacent unit on Fulwood Road.”

Williamson has been trading in Broomhill for 52 years.

4 Replies to “Williamson Hardware will move next door to make way for Sainsbury’s”

    1. I agree. It would be far more preferable to have a good bookshop to browse in than a hardware shop when it only takes a short trip to B&Q to get the same things from there at half the price.

      1. Whilst deeply regretting the loss of a Bookshop in Broomhill I would take issue on the suggestion that it is only a ‘short trip’ to B&Q! The hardware shop is convenient for local people and students and is only a short bus ride for many more. I wish Williamsons continued success in their new venue.

  1. Unfortunately ‘browsing’ in any shop would not keep it open. I’ve heard that the reason for the current turnover of businesses on the parade [Cream have also closed] is to do with leases coming up for renewal. Does anyone know if this is so?

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