Video: Nick Clegg answers questions at Crosspool Q&A

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg answered Crosspool residents’ concerns at a constituency question-and-answer session on Friday.

Over the course of an hour in Hallam FC’s Sandygate clubhouse, the Sheffield Hallam MP responded to queries regarding the economy, jobs, the High Speed 2 rail link, the Leveson inquiry and the PFI project to renew and maintain Sheffield’s roads.

Questions were also asked about specific Crosspool issues. After describing their experience of travelling on the 51 bus route, one resident asked: What are the government’s plans to encourage provincial commuters to move back to using public transport? Watch the video below to hear Nick Clegg’s response:

He also responded to queries regarding the government’s policy on catchment area placements being within walking distance of local schools. Listen to his answer below (audio only):

The subject of the lack of bus shelter at the Vernon Terrace bus stop was also raised. Although local councillors are continuing to look into this, the deputy prime minister promised to also take it up.

Local residents had been invited to the Q&A via a leaflet through their letter box.

You can email our MP with your query using

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