Reports of further bank card skimming at Crosspool ATM

The cash machine in Crosspool precinct
The cash machine in Crosspool precinct

Crosspool residents are being urged to check their bank statements following further reports of unauthorised withdrawals from bank accounts after using the cash machine in Crosspool.

One person on Twitter said: “Just to let you know, the cash machine outside the spar in Crosspool has been tampered with again. (information from spar staff) please check your bank accounts!”.

Another post on Crosspool Forum’s Facebook wall commented: “Acc to the manager at crosspool tavern the cash machine at the spar has been tampered with again plz RT check your accounts”.

At the end of October we reported similar problems for people who had used the Crosspool cash machine. Some banks identified the unusual activity and stopped funds leaving customers’ accounts.

If you have used the ATM outside Spar recently then we recommend that you double-check the transactions on your account and contact your bank if you see anything unusual.

If you’ve been a victim of this you can report your incident to the police by calling 0114 220 2020. If you want to speak to Bank Machines, the company that runs the machine, they can be contacted on 0800 028 6923.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear any other news.

3 Replies to “Reports of further bank card skimming at Crosspool ATM”

  1. people have skim my bank pass but my bank dont trust me si tell me i have do it or sombody els the reasen is i have my card .i have my card but how is it possible the dont believe me what can i do, sorry for my englis leo

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