Mohammed reunited with his family after six years

Mohammed selling Big Issue in the North outside Crosspool Spar
Mohammed selling Big Issue in the North outside Crosspool Spar

Crosspool’s friendly Big Issue in the North seller Mohammed Iqbal is to be reunited with his family this week after six years away.

He’s making the long-awaited trip back to Pakistan for eight weeks where he’ll see his wife and 11-year-old son for the first time since he arrived in the UK.

He hopes his family will be able to join him in the UK at some point in the future.

Mohammed is a regular in Crosspool, selling Big Issue in the North from his pitch outside Spar. In 2013 he won a special award for being the magazine’s most dedicated vendor.



Crosspool Big Issue North seller featured in new edition

Mohammed Iqbal, Crosspool’s vendor for The Big Issue North, is featured in the new issue of the magazine
Mohammed Iqbal, Crosspool’s vendor for The Big Issue North, is featured in the new issue of the magazine

An question-and-answer interview with Mohammed Iqbal, Crosspool’s vendor for The Big Issue North, is featured in the new issue of the magazine.

Copies are available from Mohammed who can be found smiling outside Spar most days!

Crosspool post office reopens following Spar refurbishment

Thew new-look Crosspool post office inside Spar

Crosspool post office reopened its hatches earlier today following a two-week renovation.

The new-look counter has been rotated 90 degrees and extra floor space has been created at the back of the shop.

The whole Spar shop has been smartened up with new units and a new illuminated sign outside.

Crosspool post office to close for two weeks

Crosspool Spar
The post office in Crosspool Spar is to close for two weeks on Monday 5 January

Crosspool post office will close for two weeks from tomorrow, Monday 5 January.

The closure is so that the post office can be refurbished. It is due to reopen at 1pm on Friday 16 January.

The next closest post office branches are:

Lodge Moor
58 Rochester Road
South Yorkshire
S10 4JQ

273 Fulwood Road
South Yorkshire
S10 3BD

100-102 Crookes
South Yorkshire
S10 1UH

5 Brooklands Avenue
South Yorkshire
S10 4GA

Special guest attends Childrens’ Christmas party

A festive thank you to Father Christmas for stopping off at the Crosspool Children’s Christmas party during the busiest period of his year.

While handing out presents he was given sweets by excited youngsters who had been entertained earlier in the afternoon by Fablo’s Childrens’ Disco.

It did not take long for the one or two children to overcome their shyness and join in with the traditional party games. Most of them won spot prizes for taking part in the various activities.

Spar kindly donated the refreshments and nibbles for the party and an enjoyable afternoon was had by everyone.

Thanks to everyone who attended the party and all the helpers that made this year’s festive afternoon a success.

Thanks to Steve Reynolds for this report.

Smiley Crosspool Big Issue in the North seller earns award

Crosspool Big Issue in the North seller Mohammad Iqbal picks up his award
Crosspool Big Issue in the North seller Mohammad Iqbal picks up his award

The dedicated approach of Mohammed Iqbal, Crosspool’s vendor for The Big Issue in the North, has been recognised with a special award.

Mohammed sells the magazine outside Spar in the precinct. He was recently presented with the award by the magazine’s Sheffield office.

In the article below Mohammed explains a bit more about his background, why 2012 was a difficult year for him and his experiences of selling in Crosspool. The piece originally appeared in the Big Issue in the North and is reproduced here with permission.

Well done to Mohammed and thanks to Heather for spotting the article and letting us know about the news.

Smiley vendor earns award

One of Sheffield’s vendors, Mohammad Iqbal, has been rewarded for his tireless work over the past year, being given the Sheffield office’s Most Dedicated Vendor of 2012 award as part of its end of year celebrations.

Iqbal, 45, has been selling The Big Issue in the North for nine years in Yorkshire, between Scunthorpe, Barnsley and Sheffield, and is now reaping the rewards with an impressive sales record on his new pitch.

Iqbal said: “I have been selling at Crosspool since June, which has been really good as I now have a lot of regular customers there who have started calling me ‘Smiley’. The manager and staff are very friendly. They let me stand under their shelter and so I return the favour by helping the shop’s customers with their trolleys. I’ve even stopped a thief running away from the shop twice, which they thanked me for.”

Having a good relationship with his customers and the public means a lot to Iqbal. “I enjoy talking to people, and working each day helps keep me in good spirits and motivated to improve my situation. My family live in Pakistan, and being so far away makes it difficult, but selling the magazine helps keep me busy whilst making the money I need.

“2012 was a very difficult year for me, as I lost three very close members of my family; my son Akhtar, my daughter Sophia and my mother. But I have worked very hard every day selling the magazine so that I can support them as much as I can, to pay my own way for things, and to put some money in savings, which will help me in the future.

“My main aim is to try and get my family to move over to England this year, which would make me a very happy man. I’m very thankful to anyone who buys my magazines and helps me do this.”

Crosspool ATM marked out of order as more problems reported

The cash machine in Crosspool precinct
Out of order: the cash machine in Crosspool precinct

On Saturday afternoon police attended the ATM machine located outside Spar in Crosspool precinct.

Once again someone had reported that they had had a problem with the machine and that money had been removed from their account. The police rang the owners, Bank Machines, to report the problem. Bank Machines told the police that they are not able to send an engineer until midweek.

An ‘out of order’ sign has been placed on the machine.

Problems were previously reported with the machine back in October and again in December.

Reports of further bank card skimming at Crosspool ATM

The cash machine in Crosspool precinct
The cash machine in Crosspool precinct

Crosspool residents are being urged to check their bank statements following further reports of unauthorised withdrawals from bank accounts after using the cash machine in Crosspool.

One person on Twitter said: “Just to let you know, the cash machine outside the spar in Crosspool has been tampered with again. (information from spar staff) please check your bank accounts!”.

Another post on Crosspool Forum’s Facebook wall commented: “Acc to the manager at crosspool tavern the cash machine at the spar has been tampered with again plz RT check your accounts”.

At the end of October we reported similar problems for people who had used the Crosspool cash machine. Some banks identified the unusual activity and stopped funds leaving customers’ accounts.

If you have used the ATM outside Spar recently then we recommend that you double-check the transactions on your account and contact your bank if you see anything unusual.

If you’ve been a victim of this you can report your incident to the police by calling 0114 220 2020. If you want to speak to Bank Machines, the company that runs the machine, they can be contacted on 0800 028 6923.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear any other news.

Get your tickets now for the Children’s Christmas Disco

The Children’s Christmas Disco on Sunday 4 December has received a boost from generous local Crosspool businesses.

In addition to Spar’s donation of children’s refreshments, the Crosspool Pharmacy has offered to provide a sizable number gifts for each child attending the Crosspool Forum’s community Children’s Christmas Disco.

The event for children between 3-11 years will run from 1.30-3.30pm in St Columba’s church hall. Father Christmas will bring a present for every child! Refreshments and nibbles will be served.

You can get your ticket from Crosspool Pet Shop – tickets are £5 per child and the accompanying parent or guardian is free. You can also contact the Forum on crosspoolforum@fsmail.netor 0114 335 1674 for tickets and more information.

Children’s Christmas Disco, Sunday 4 December 2011
Children’s Christmas Disco, Sunday 4 December 2011